What do you think will happen in the next installment of the Fowl series?
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Post by NION » Mon 8th Jun 2009

Hi my guys, I'm bored so I thought a bit annoying and you have come here bothering me again XD
The good thing is that recently as I finished reading THE TIME PARADOX anything legal I will not Spoiler or anything like that it's just that I do not think that Colfer Sensei stop there-the adventures of my little Arty.
Well ... There were things that I liked a lot but in the end there were others too, such as reaching CHIC Arty / Holly that was really COOL.
Another thing is that Holly is already brought something with him ^ ^
estuvob that well, but I do not know how it will end I really like Holly is closer to the boy, that is ... you really know it to end like that and in front of a good time.
Also I would like to spend more time in Arty City Refuge * o * o Holly in Fowl Manor.
Julliet back and make a good team with the dwarf XD
I also like that Opal is not as eccentric.
good I would like to be told that they would like after time paradox.
I personally back underground and Holly to realize their true sentimmientos by using Artemis Caballine am curious, may be a good counselor, super cute and wise as vinyaya-sama.

I hope to tell me what you expect ...
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Oooops!!! thats Pretty XD

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Post by Meova » Mon 8th Jun 2009

It's really nice that you finished reading the Time Paradox, but 1, there's no need to open a topic just for that (even though you do give us reasons why you liked it) and 2, there's already a topic about TTP. Clicky for topic. I'm locking this thread, if you want to say anything else about TTP please do that in the topic I just gave you the link to.
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