Favourite Cover?

What do you think will happen in the next installment of the Fowl series?
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Re: Favourite Cover?

Post by Fowl Fanatic » Thu 14th Aug 2008

A tie between the Opal Deception and The Time Paradox for best cover in my opinion. I loved the colour and depth in TOD but the cover of TTP was riviting. The depth, colour and similarities to the description of time travel in TLC blew me away.
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Re: Favourite Cover?

Post by TheFoalyGenius » Mon 1st Sep 2008

The UK one's are nice =). I like the Time Paradox cover. Gold... *drools slightly. ever so slightly* =P
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Re: Favourite Cover?

Post by Meova » Mon 1st Sep 2008

I think TOD is one of the best, but AF is also pretty good. TTP is good too... 2 times Arty :) But then again, the other ones were really good too. I can't choose.... :(
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Re: Favourite Cover?

Post by Captain Short 711 » Sat 6th Sep 2008

I liked the UK eternity code and TTP

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Re: Favourite Cover?

Post by Kagoma_Kage » Sun 26th Oct 2008

The First one in the US, I loved the idea that they tried to make it look like The Book.

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Re: Favourite Cover?

Post by Bang Your Drum » Thu 27th Nov 2008

The UK Enternity Code (it's red!) The C-Cube was red in the UK editions. . .

I'm also loving the chinese covers (they rock almost as much as the German Supernaturalist cover!)
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Re: Favourite Cover?

Post by ArtemisFowlfan96 » Fri 13th Feb 2009

I say that all of the UK covers look better than the USA ones!!! oh, woe is me!
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Re: Favourite Cover?

Post by hitsugayatoushiro » Sun 13th Sep 2009

I'm so gald that I live in the UK then as everyone thinks that thy're the best covers!!!
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