Julius Root

What do you think will happen in the next installment of the Fowl series?
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Re: Julius Root

Post by Amber Root » Tue 22nd Nov 2011

yunyun wrote:^ But that would create a time paradox though
Would it create a paradox if Holly only went back in time and told Root to not go on the mission thing that day, and to keep it a secret? Wait... Ahh... Now I get it. *Headdeask* But I would do any thing to have Root back.

But they should do it to Vinyaya. Holly got to say bye to Root when they went back in time, but she didn't get to say bye to Vinyaya. Plus with Vinyaya being the leader of Section 8, she would know top secret info about it. That Foaly wouldn't even know. So if something about the Deamons pop up again and know one know, they're going to all die. But is Vinyaya is alive she can share the infomation with Foaly and Artemis to save the day. Holly and Artemis, or at least one of them should go back in time using N1's magic to save Vinyaya.
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Re: Julius Root

Post by Immortal » Wed 23rd Nov 2011

Characters should stay dead.

The only show/anime/manga that brings back the dead, is Dragon Ball Z-Which was one of the flaws I did not enjoy. You (almost) never see a dead character come back to life, and if they did, it's often in a ridiculous fashion.

Sorry, AF fans, but I gotta sit with the jury on this one. He stays dead.
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