Who will holly pick?

What do you think will happen in the next installment of the Fowl series?
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who will Holly go for?

No one
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Re: Who will holly pick?

Post by iloveholly » Tue 6th Oct 2009

Here are my points:

1) There has never been a whisper of ANYTHING bettween Holly and Trouble, and there has been plenty of chemistry bettween Arty and Holly

2) In TTP they both demonstrate that they have desire for each other, by their words and actions (although they may both be too subborn to do anything about it).

3) Holly apparently kisses Arty cause she is 'flushed with magic', but afterwards proposes that it 'wouldn't be so bad' if she stayed young. She also said that his 'elf kissing days were over'. This indicates that he originally had 'elf kissing days' to lose, and that if she stayed young, they would continue if unchecked . . .

4) Artemis realises what he has lost as soon as he amits his lies to Holly. Looking at her at the end, if you read bettween the lines he is uncharacteristicly disturbed about something and thinks 'if only if only' when he sees her. He tries to blame this on DNA cannons, but it is obvious that he has caught the Holly bug . . .

5) 'In another time' means that Holly dispite her glossing over things acknowlages their love exists, and is saying it cant happen now.

Its a bit too late now Colfer you have gone too far an created a love too deep to be ignored.

I would like to see how he plays this one!
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Re: Who will holly pick?

Post by dixieduffy » Fri 23rd Oct 2009

if it dosent end up A/H i will hunt down Eion with my gient spoon and scoop him up then say "haha you got spoond"then fling him into the dead sea MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Who will holly pick?

Post by LEPreconGirl » Fri 1st Apr 2011

Definetly Trouble. Especially after the 7th book. Since she can't trust Artemis/Orion on the inside. Plus, she and Trouble can communicate so easily, nonverbally. They are so CUTE together!
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Re: Who will holly pick?

Post by Opal's_Clone » Sun 3rd Apr 2011

Trouble. But both he and Arty are ALL OURS(meaning fangirls). No, Holly, you DON'T get my Arty or my Trubs.

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Re: Who will holly pick?

Post by ArtyRocks » Thu 7th Apr 2011

opal_koboi wrote:who do you think holly sould go for Trouble artemis or no one? I hope she goes for trouble Artemis is way to young for her.
WHAT?!? nooooooo way will she choose Trouble (no offense) she's sooo in love with Arty!

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Re: Who will holly pick?

Post by Jayjay » Sat 23rd Apr 2011

I agree, I mean, she's been on ONE date with Trouble, yet she's kissed Arty, think about it, they've been through WAY more than Holly has with Trouble.
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Re: Who will holly pick?

Post by CaptainMiraKelp » Thu 9th Jun 2011

Opal's_Clone wrote:Trouble. But both he and Arty are ALL OURS(meaning fangirls). No, Holly, you DON'T get my Arty or my Trubs.
*Coughs* Hello, Trouble's SISTER

I voted Trouble, they are to many problems Holly and Artemis would have to face.
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Re: Who will holly pick?

Post by Josephine Fowl » Fri 10th Jun 2011

According to Colfer himself in an interview with the fans, he tells that Holly and Artemis aren't going to end up together in The Last Guardian - the 8th and last Artemis Fowl book.
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Re: Who will holly pick?

Post by Felina » Tue 14th Jun 2011

I didn't know that too.

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Re: Who will holly pick?

Post by yunyun » Wed 27th Jul 2011

i think trubs, since they went on a date and who knows if the kissed or not there so yeah...

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Re: Who will holly pick?

Post by TungstenMessah » Wed 7th Sep 2011


The ENTIRE book 7 just LEADS up to a A/H. Turnball pops out of NOWHERE and oh-so-conveniently marries a human on the spot. Strange? Not so. Book 8 is just GOING to be A/H.

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Re: Who will holly pick?

Post by Fowl's_Girl » Wed 7th Sep 2011

TungstenMessah wrote:Here is ONE BIG FAT POINT.

The ENTIRE book 7 just LEADS up to a A/H. Turnball pops out of NOWHERE and oh-so-conveniently marries a human on the spot. Strange? Not so. Book 8 is just GOING to be A/H.
As much as we want A/H, Eoin Colfer said that there will be no interracial relationships. So...Holly and Arty will not be together. *sobs* I'm still writing fanfics with them together, no matter WHAT Eoin Colfer does. Holly and Artemis HAVE to be together. She never really showed interest in Trouble, although they did go on a date. She kissed Artemis, so she evidently likes him, but since she went on a date with Trouble, she likes him too. Who knows? She may choose to be single, or a new fairy may come into her life, OR she may fall in love with someone from her past. We just wont know until the book comes out.

My favorite choices:
1. She picks Artemis
2. She picks Trouble
3. She picks someone from her past (i.e. Academy days)
Thank you Fowlie!

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Re: Who will holly pick?

Post by p5ychic » Sat 12th Nov 2011

Keeping in mind, of course, that this series has only attempted a proper romance plot once before, and everyone seemed to hate her. I honestly don't think Holly needs to "pick" anyone. It's not as if who Holly "ends up with" has been a major, or even present theme in the books, and remember that she's the fairy equivalent of her early 20s, and so has several decades to "pick" someone once and for all.

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Re: Who will holly pick?

Post by PastelBlue » Sun 13th Nov 2011

I want her to choose Arty, but I think she'll end up with Trubs.

A/H-Artemis seems, to me, to have a attraction to Holly. Holly seems to care greatly about Artemis as well.

T/H-They went on a date( as Foaly took great delight in mentioning), but whether it shall come to anything, is up in the air. Eoin Colfer did say this-
"Everything is going to have a resolution of some kind and I think Trouble and Holly will probably get together in some way. I mean these aren’t romantic books, so I think it would be suggested that they have a future rather than a big development of their relationship. It’s not going to be Twilight, you know? It’s not going to be any staring at each other. At the end of the book, you know, ‘Do you fancy a smoothie?’"

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