Who Should Be New Lep Commander?

What do you think will happen in the next installment of the Fowl series?
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Re: Who Should Be New Lep Commander?

Post by BlackOpal » Fri 11th Jan 2008

Church1020 wrote:Yeah that does seen weird that he "just so happend to be promoted too secound-in-command" just before root dies.Never really liked trouble anyway.

Haha, I think you're being a little paranoid.
That would be an interesting twist though, if Trouble was working with Opal.

Is Vinyaya's rank higher than Trouble's?
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Re: Who Should Be New Lep Commander?

Post by MMK » Tue 15th Jan 2008

Definitely. She's a Commander, and a Council member, so I think she's even higher ranked than Commander Root was. Trouble's a major, and I think there are a few of those... or at least, that's what is implied.

Trouble working with Opal? It's sort of funny to picture him subservient to her like the Brills were... even if he were 'evil', I can't see him submitting to that. It's a cool concept, though.

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Re: Who Should Be New Lep Commander?

Post by carino » Tue 15th Jan 2008

So, then if she's ranked higher, is it likely for her to become Commander?
I thought the whole thing with Holly was that she was the first female officer.
So does that mean Vinyaya's in a whole different...division, or something? I don't get it.

That is funny to think about...it would make a good fic.
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Re: Who Should Be New Lep Commander?

Post by Artemis F. » Sat 16th Feb 2008

I think Holly should be the new commander, she is well suited for the job. If only the new guy in Root's place wasn't so horrid.
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Re: Who Should Be New Lep Commander?

Post by Pampered.Pixie » Mon 18th Feb 2008

Didn't really think Holly would be the new Commander, but it would be interesting. Only problem is Holly was in limbo when the new Commander would of been appointed so it can't be her unless she replaces the current commander.

Trouble? On the dark side? That sounds interesting. :razz:

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Re: Who Should Be New Lep Commander?

Post by GoMulchGo » Sat 15th Mar 2008

Okay, Holly was the first female LEP officer. Vinyaya is in the fairy council and she is already commander of section 8. My guess is that Vinyaya was assigned to be commander since she is in the fairy council.

I think if Eoin Colfer chose Trouble to be commander, then that would be too predictable. It would be nice if Foaly was commander, but the clues in TLC tells us he wouldn't be.
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Re: Who Should Be New Lep Commander?

Post by Loreena » Fri 10th Apr 2009

I don't think Holly should be commander only because it would limit her aboveground adventures. Maybe Vinyaya or Trouble would work better.
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Re: Who Should Be New Lep Commander?

Post by Bang Your Drum » Sun 12th Apr 2009

It has probaly already been said that Vinyaya is not a LEPreacon officer (otherwise she would have the public's scurtiny, not Holly) she seems pretty happy with the separte branch of the LEP she has formed.
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Re: Who Should Be New Lep Commander?

Post by Aurora333 » Fri 17th Apr 2009

I don't know, but I think that Holly would be offered the job and then turn it down. As we've read before she really doesn't like desk jobs. Besides she is happy where she is. I think Vinyaya is in to get the position.

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