Lost Colony Cover

What do you think will happen in the next installment of the Fowl series?
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Juiet Butler
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Post by Juiet Butler » Mon 1st May 2006

What about the trolls, Holly twin, in the fourth book he did not chose to be there either, maybe it is somthing he can't control like that? Hmmm... couln't THAT be a possiblity? You never know with Eion Colfer. :wacko:

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Belinda Koboi
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Post by Belinda Koboi » Fri 5th May 2006

Meril wrote: I like the idea with Artemis on the "o". He looks like he's sneaking or hiding from something. But the big guy in the center - :nope: rather not. Did you notice that he has Gnommish letters on his arm? I think that could be the demon or some "bad guy" of Book 5.

Not really a fan of it  I prefer the old covers...you know bronze one (Book I),silver one (Book II), red one (Book III), so on...

I much prefer the more simple covers where you imagine what they look like.... I dunno call me crazy but I dont like em.

I prefer the old ones, too. But I like american covers much more than british. I wonder, how the american version of the cover will look like?

Yeah. Since I live in Canada, All the covers are different.
And, For The Eternety Code, its a blue cover... and its Really cool.

I really want to see the American version for The Lost Colony.


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Post by Hollytwin » Tue 9th May 2006

[SIZE=7] Hey, In one the ff's I read Artemis and Holly got married. :lol: That is so not right! They don't go together quite well. :unsure: Give your opinion please.
"It's MARIA! I mean let us go. Maybe we'll have better luck at our next site" <br>Artemis Fowl, The Lost Colony

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Post by refloc » Sat 20th May 2006

Sorry, Hollytwin. If it's done right, I do like AH, but I like the simpler covers.


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Post by Pretty_In_Green » Fri 30th Jun 2006

Arty and Holly are a cool pair, opposites do attract. When he's out of line, she'd definitely be the one to set him straight. Even though they're different species, I would love to see them together! It can be done, Colfer just has make it work.

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Post by Illusion » Sun 2nd Jul 2006

I wonder how the humans ever managed to beat these things in the first place O_o

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Post by Fumagine » Thu 13th Jul 2006

Okay, I just finished reading 'The Lost Colony' (it's the Advance Reading Copy, my friend does reading stuff like that blahblah.)

I'll tell you this though, there is a LOT of magic. A LOT. (Which is why I loved it. Magic books make me sqeee.)

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