Julious And Holly

What do you think will happen in the next installment of the Fowl series?
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Re: Julious And Holly

Post by LollipopHolly » Thu 12th Feb 2009

I don't know I think the insane-ness added character to her, I was thinking she's totally nuts when in the end of TTP she was flying after the Cessna plane Artemis was in. And yes, when Artemis let Holly say goodbye to Root that was really sweet. But really what does Artemis think he would get after blackmailing Holly? Another kiss?? But really that shows how much he's changed that part right there when he lets her say goodbye.

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Re: Julious And Holly

Post by ArtemisFowlfan96 » Thu 12th Feb 2009

lol well, I dont think u can get that much more insane than Opal... but, anyways, holly is the second main character, and it could continue without her, but it wouldnt be as good.
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