The Lost Colony: What Do You Think Of Minerva

What do you think will happen in the next installment of the Fowl series?
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Re: The Lost Colony: What Do You Think Of Minerva

Post by chocolatetruffles1 » Wed 11th Apr 2012

FowlStar wrote:
IwishIwasafaerie wrote:MINERVA'S UGLY!!!!!! AND MUST DIE!!!!!!!!! DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry, just had to get that out.

Artemis Fowl 7: Minerva's Death
Chapter 1
Paris, France
Minerva was walking down the street when she got hit by a bus. "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!"she screamed.
Chapter 2
Fowl Manor, Ireland
"Hey, Artemis."said Holly as she walked in to the Manor. "Hello, Holly."he said. "There's been something I wanted to tell you...."they said simeltaniously."You go first."Artemis said."Nah, it's......"Holly began."We'll just go at the same time."he suggested. "I love you."they said.
Crappy story but it makes me happy so there you have it.
That makes me happy too. Lol
LOL. loved the story.
Anyway Minerva is just.... weird. She's like a temporary character like Doodah.
And I HATE her.
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Re: The Lost Colony: What Do You Think Of Minerva

Post by Felina » Wed 27th Jun 2012

^ Honestly I really have no idea why everyone hates that girl. I think she's not the best person in the world, but people can change. Best proof: both Artemis Fowl the First and Artemis Fowl the Second.
Someone care to explain why do they dislike/hate Minerva?

If my explanation why do I don't hate or don't want her to die wasn't good enough, take my deepest apologies, say here that you don't know the reason and I will do my best to explain.
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Re: The Lost Colony: What Do You Think Of Minerva

Post by evilgenius » Sat 7th Jul 2012

Reasons I dislike her.

1. I was just underwhelmed by her I expected so much from Minerva I expected Artemis to just barely win. I wanted her to be so much more impressive but she wasn't I thought this would be a character to rival Opal but no, she was just whiny and spoiled.I was ready to love her but she gave me no reason to.

2. This is probably the biggest reason. She kicked Billy Kong. She kicked. Billy Kong. How could she be so stupid? If she didn't do that Artemis wouldn't have been gone two years.Holly wouldn't have died for a few seconds.Holly dying was traumatising.I love Holly, and the entire time I'm thinking: this is all Minerva's fault.Butler and Angeline spent two years wondering where he was.

3.She threatened Holly/Artemis.Holly is so much better for Artemis in so many ways. Her existence means the possibility of Artemis ending up with her, nightmare scenario.

Reasons to like her.
1. She's also a genius.
2. The comment she made about keeping a low profile XD.She's right though he should keep a lower profile, it would mean less trouble.Artemis wouldn't though, not possible with his ego he needs recognition.
3. She enabled us to see just how much Artemis had changed.Artemis went through all this trouble to save her and I honestly would have been extremely dissapointed if he didn't.
4. She cares about her family

Her being French and blonde are not legitimate reasons to dislike her though.

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Re: The Lost Colony: What Do You Think Of Minerva

Post by silverwolf26282 » Sat 3rd Nov 2012

I think that there's only room for one criminal mastermind in the series, and that's Artemis, not some whiny blonde brat (nothing against blondes)
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