5 ideas for the new series

What do you think will happen in the next installment of the Fowl series?
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5 ideas for the new series

Post by Solinium Pulse » Sat 2nd Feb 2019

I was just thinking about the new series and think some things should be considered.

This thread contains spoilers.

1. Captain Short should be exiled.

Because of Holly Short's decision to travel back in time, and put No. 1 at risk (the most powerful demon warlock, if not most powerful fairy of all) there should be some sort of consequence. Regardless of the justifications, being directly responsible for bringing the past version of Opal Koboi, resulting in the destruction of almost all modern technology must warrant some sort of major discipline. I would expect Holly to be exiled in the new series, or at the very least, banned from ever returning from the surface again. Whether or not she follows through with this, would make things a bit interesting.

2. Beckett, Miles, and Juliet should be the main focus.

Beckett should be strong, athletic, and charismatic. He gets lucky a lot, and always gives his brother trouble with his plans. Beckett should have a more practical and direct approach to things, such as sneaking when into a building. Could you imagine him saying something like "Why don't we just walk through the front door? They'll never expect that." Miles would berate him, only to realize that his brother was actually right, because the guards are focused on the perimeter and other access points that would make a more stealthy entry. Beckett should be a lady-killer, always charming, funny, and generally knows how to lighten a mood. He might be oblivious to his brother's snarky remarks, or even enjoy bantering with him. This dynamic would make things a lot more interesting.

Miles should be slightly less intelligent, more ruthless, and envious of both of his brothers. I say slightly less intelligent, because his access to the worlds knowledge is extremely limited due to the events of The Last Guardian. I could also imagine that Angeline would be extremely cautious of Miles' intellect, as that is the very thing that caused her to lose her eldest son, despite his accomplishments. If everyone preemptively assumed Miles was up to no good, then perhaps that could reflect on his character, making him feel constantly less trusted due to his eldest brother's actions. Because of his lack of experience when it comes to making ethical choices, Miles' decisions could be a lot more brutal, anything to surpass Artemis, whom he was always compared to. And this brings my final point, envy. Miles could potentially be jealous of his two brothers, Beckett, who was stronger and better-looking than him, and Artemis, who would have contingencies for his contingencies, and would always know what to do in almost every situation. I definitely think it would be more interesting if Miles was not allowed to read the encyclopedias in the library and encouraged to do more "things boys your age typically do". Of course, having a brother is not always peaches and cream. I can imagine the boys would often argue about little things, as siblings do. They may be twins, but that shouldn't mean they always get along. I wouldn't be surprised if they physically fought over things. I would be disappointed if they didn't.

"Beckett, if you don't stop picking your nose, I'm going to break your it."
"I'll get you an ice pack for when you break your hand trying."

Juliet is an interesting one. It would be hard to imagine Juliet NOT taking upon the role of the boys' bodyguard, or at least guardian. I can imagine that Butler would constantly be scolding her for letting her guard down, or not performing a security check adequately. Her relationship to the twins should be that of a sometimes laid-back, sometimes strict babysitter, with an immense amount of knowledge of weaponry, survival tactics, and how to kill a man by rejecting them hard enough. I can imagine the boys don't particularly fear any of those things, particularly the last one, but if Juliet reaches for a paddle, the boys' sweat might consist of nothing but fear.

3. Opal survives.

Not physically, at least. This one will take some explaining. Heavy Spoilers.

*ahem* In the events of TLG, the past version of Opal is shot in the head, in the present, resulting in everything, that has ever been influenced by Opal in the past ten (or so) years being destroyed in a violent series of simultaneous explosions, more specifically, any arrangement of matter that's arrangement has been influenced any point after the past version of Opal traveled to the future, which is considered the present, and never returned to that point. Just read the final book, it will make more sense.

Anyway, there is a way for Opal to return, which requires a bit of preparation. If you remember, just before the present Opal sacrificed the past Opal, the two were telepathically connected, allowing them to communicate from far distances. The present Opal managed to trick the past Opal into sacrificing herself. Again, reading TLG will help you understand this concept. Wouldn't it be possible for present Opal to instruct the past Opal to beam out information to a satellite that was, say, a couple light-years away? Think about it for a moment. Imagine for a moment that it was possible to scan the entire brain, transpose it into a transmittable message, and beam it off into space, where it would take years for the message to be received, decoded, and then simulate the scanned brain? The idea behind this is actually just something I thought about for a while in terms of how Opal could have survived. If the arrangement of matter was the only thing that was affected, that would explain why the memories of Opal throughout the series was still retained because it's only information. If you converted yourself into information and transmitted it in the form of energy, like a radio wave, you would effectively be immune to that information being destroyed by way of the arrangement of matter, because there is no matter in radio waves. Sending that information to a satellite that Opal most likely was able to send out into the far reaches of space, with the various defense contracts she was able to obtain in the past, what's to say it is unlikely that Opal built a satellite that acted as a way to receive a back-up copy of your brain? Or even if the satellite wasn't designed for that specific purpose, I'm fairly certain a fairy satellite in the far off reaches of the solar system could intercept the transmission, and maybe even be told to return to earth via the transmission. It's very far-fetched, but I figured it would be the best bet for Opal to return, if Mr. Colfer chose to reintroduce her into the series.

4.Enemies, Enemies, Enemies...

Let's face it. The Fowl family has a lot of enemies. From the family's notorious criminal background throughout history, to the skirmishes with The People, the Fowl family is never really safe from past conflicts. But this isn't even the most exciting bit. What if Artemis Fowl accidentally made the biggest enemy on the planet?

This is where canon ends and head-canon begins, but just bear with me.

Take a step back for a second and reflect on the events of Time Paradox and The Last Guardian. Artemis and Holly travel back in time to save this lemur, they kiss, and then it's just blown off, blah blah blah, they return to the present, with the past version of Opal following behind, blah blah blah, present Opal kills past Opal, destroying most of the world's recent technology, blah blah blah...

Suddenly, the world isn't the same. Imagine for a second that a (brace for it) secret society existed, that had major influence throughout the world for years, built by generations of people with the intention of making a New World Order, only for it to be destroyed very suddenly. Technology wasn't able to provide information to people anymore, almost all of the influence was gone. After the devastation around the globe (or disk, for you flat-earthers) this secret society investigated heavily into how on earth this instantaneous, simultaneous destruction occurred. Upon doing some investigating, rumor spreads around saying that the it may have something to do with the Fowls. Luckily, there are a few enemies (from past books and maybe even a few from before that) that would happily dispose of the Fowls out of revenge...




The Illuminati. I'm talking about Artemis pissing off the Illuminati.

5. Beckett, Miles, and Juliet should have PTSD.

I'm getting kinda tired, so I'll make this quick.
In TLG, Miles, Beckett, and Juliet all get possessed by ancient fairy warriors called the Berserkers who fought humans over 10,000 years ago that drove fairy-kind underground.

That being said, they should have retained some, if not all of their memories, battle experiences, and thoughts. Opal even asks if the Beserkers mounted heads on pikes, to which the response "Yes, limbs too, betimes." (Don't quote me on that) All in all, that should be a pretty traumatic experience for the twins, and perhaps they should have flashbacks and and a bit of battle-knowledge because of that. Also PTSD.

If you wanted to stretch it further, I would say give the three who were possessed a "Berserker Mode" as I like to call it. Basically, if a situation was desperate enough, let's say Miles was about to watch Beckett be killed, he would suddenly be overcome with warrior instinct and charge in, destroying the enemy with strength and prowess that he was not even aware he was physically capable of. Plus Beckett calling it Berserker Mode would be funny, as Juliet is still trying to recover from the weak and timid Miles almost killing someone out of sheer rage.

What do you think? Did I miss something important? I am pretty tired, so that is a very real possibility. What do you want to see in the new series? Let me know what you think!

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