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D&D Play by Post

Post by VulpineTaco » Mon 30th Apr 2018

This subforum is pretty dead, so I thought I'd bring it back with something new to the site. I'm sure everyone has heard of Dungeons and Dragons, the tabletop role-playing game, but a lot of people are unaware that it's pretty fun and easy to play online! To anyone who doesn't know what a tabletop RPG is, think about it like regular forum roleplaying, but with a guided storyline that uses dice to determine whether or not your character can do something. The version we will be playing is 5th edition, based on an updated version of the d20 system, where a 20-sided die is used to resolve most situations. Dice are typically notated as XdY, where X is the number of dice rolled and Y is the number of sides. You don't need to worry much about rules, since you'll learn as we play. The adventure we'll be going through is "The Lost Mine of Phandelver", where your characters will go from first level to fifth. To start, everyone needs to make a character, a process which I will split into two parts. In the first part, I'll have you choose a race, class, alignment, and character description and backstory. Then, we'll work on filling in a character sheet.

To make a character, use this format:

Name: Your character's name
Race: Choose from these character races.
Class: Choose from these character classes. (Bonus: Artificer, Mystic)
Gender/Pronouns: Self-explanatory
Alignment: Explained here.
Physical traits: Eye color, height, weight, hair color, etc.
Personality traits: What's your character like?
Ideals: What does your character want out of life?
Bonds: Does your character have any attachments to a person, place, or thing?
Flaws: What negative traits does your character have?

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