A roleplay search begins!

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A roleplay search begins!

Post by thecrazygirlycaptain » Mon 26th Aug 2013

Hello all! I'm Cassie and a newbie to this beautiful forum! I'm 21, from the UK and a roleplayer with eight years of experience behind me :)

And I'm desperately in need of a beautiful Artemis Fowl roleplay. Here are a few things I'd like for this roleplay:
-Someone who is of decent writing standard. You know- nice spelling and grammar, no posts that are impossible to reply to.
-Someone who is up for playing Artemis. And possibly Trouble. I'm wanting to play Holly in this roleplay, but can double up as pretty much anyone: I particularly enjoy doubling up as Foaly.
-Someone who can collaborate on plots, and keep the roleplay fresh
-Someone who is up for email-roleplaying, because otherwise I forget to check things...

So yes, that's about it really- not much to ask I hope! If this interests you, then please drop me a line over at: talkingtoatwig@hotmail.com
Thank youuuu
Cassie <3

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