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Take a step out of your everyday life and become whoever you want to be! In this forum users can start and join roleplays. Have fun!
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Re: FG Towers

Post by JayJay444 » Wed 7th Nov 2012

Jay nearly fell out the tree she was sleeping in when she heard the scream from the building. Automatically, she loaded her bow, jumped down from the tree and went to investigate.
When she reached the scene of the crime she looked around in horror. Paintings were smashed and he had just saw worldly and sky going off towards the kitchen.

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Re: FG Towers

Post by whosasking » Thu 8th Nov 2012

[Why halo, there. Is it still okay for me to join? If so, this will become a charrie sheet.]
(they/them or she/her)
^ THANK YOU, AFFY!!!! *bows* thankyouthankyouthankyou imnotworthy!!!! I LOVE the siggie!!!!
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Re: FG Towers

Post by world is quiet here » Tue 13th Nov 2012

(lol guys, this is turning into a IRL.)
whosasking wrote:[Why halo, there. Is it still okay for me to join? If so, this will become a charrie sheet.]
(Hmm... I suppose so. I will have to give you a role... Actually, it is good you came, as one of the RP'ers has became very haitius.)

Worldy stared at Kitty. "She said it." Worldy said, nodding to Sky. Worldy head to the kitchen to make breakfast, which was pancakes. They were delicious. "Hungry?" He asked Sky. Worldy finished his pancakes then said "I'm heading for a walk." as he went to the forest.

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Re: FG Towers

Post by Captain_Short » Wed 21st Nov 2012

Woah, some awesome RPing has been going on while I was gone.. Is it too late to join? I know you're kinda all the way into it, but this looks like such a good role play.

Name (please use your username or a shorter name, last name is optional): Holls
Personality (like your personality on here would be good.): Very loud, tomboy, glomps usually turn into tackling. Laughs a lot, but if she gets angry, she tends to take it out on the nearest object to her.
Gender Female
Appearence: Blue eyes, tangled, curly brown hair cut in a bob. Tan skin and three freckles that form a triangle on her face. She's also pretty tall for her age.
Age (your age would be good):  13
Likes (filling in space xD): Mangoes, climbing trees, Artemis Fowl (of course) and One Piece.
Bio: Lived in two houses, trading custody between her mom and dad for the first 8 years of her life, but then decided to run away because she felt there were way too many people around that she hated, even though she loved her parents.
Weapons/physical abilities: Is very strong and could easily knock another person her age off their feet.
Anything else I forgot: can't think of anything...

It's fine if there are too many people, I was just seeing if I could join ^^'