Ancestral Kingdoms

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Re: Ancestral Kingdoms

Post by HollyShort9 » Sun 30th Dec 2012

(Yeah, I'm just not sure of what to do anymore x'D)
we're all stories in the end. just make it a good one, eh? because it was, you know. it was the best.

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Re: Ancestral Kingdoms

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Sun 30th Dec 2012

Jack sighed, 'I have some business to attend to in the courtyards, you guys sort out how we do this.' He turned to grab a sack off the table.
Rusty folded his arms across his chest, 'Oh, so we have your consent to go, do we?" Rusty chuckled.
Jack looked at him, 'Young man, you will not be going gallumphing around the Kingdoms willy-nilly. No go to your room until I say so.'
Rusty punched Jack in the arm, 'Get lost, you old bag.'
'Oi, I take pride in my beauty, unlike you.' He looked to Evelyn, 'Make sure he doesn't go Ga-ga in the armoury.'
Rusty perked up, like a dog hearing it was dinner time, 'We get to go in your armoury.'
Jack winked, 'See what I mean?' He walked towards the door with the sack slung over his shoulder, 'Have fun, kiddies!'
Rusty had his hands on his waist, looking to Maeya, exchanging grins.
"Well guys, looks like we're going on an adventure.'
Evelyn grinned excitedly, as did Livpunzel. She saw Rusty had a strange look when he looked between them, but shook it off.
'So, we're going to look for the mirror.'
Maeya nodded, 'Just keep in mind we have business to do along the way, too.'
Evelyn nodded, 'We will. Thank you so much.'
Rusty walked over, clapping her on the shoulder, 'It's no trouble, kid.'
She turned and followed him as he led the way to the armoury.
'So, if we're arming ourselves, I assume it'll be dangerous. Obviously. But we're really doing this?' Evelyn asked, fidgeting nervously with her hands.
'Looks like Jack's all for it. Though of course, I'm guessing he's only saying so for his own agenda.'
'What's it like out there?'
Rusty turned with a smiled, his eyes glimmering, 'It's beautiful, Evelyn.'
His tone was so familiar...
They continued down the steps to the armoury before any other plans were to be made.
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Re: Ancestral Kingdoms

Post by LEPreconGirl » Thu 10th Jan 2013

(Dang, this is dead right now... *attempts necromancy*)

Rose looked around the armory, eyes wide and breath pausing a moment in wonder. This was both amazing and terrifying at once. Steel, silver, metals and leather; weapons and tools of all sorts stared at her from racks on the walls. Such delicate care of such dangerous items. She shifted on her feet, trying to imagine exactly how one would use things like this.
Swords? Swing and hope not to get stabbed. Bows, point where you want to hit, pull the string, and let go. Daggers... Stab them first. The concept of any one was beyond her experience, considering the sharpest tools the girl had ever interacted with were paper cutters and kitchen knives. And the thought of actually using one, and winning, it was laughable.

But then again, everyone started from somewhere. She'd just have to try hard, and perhaps then she'd be useful. Right? Rose looked around, eyes lighting on a blade that was a little longer then what she thought a dagger would be, but a bit shorter then she'd imagine a sword. Or perhaps it was a sword and she really had no experience with weapons. Unless books counted.

"What's that?" One finger raised with a smile, pointing to the blade as she waited for a response.

(I guess it's a sword? She's pretty book-smart but not good with practical stuff, as much...)
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Re: Ancestral Kingdoms

Post by artymon I\/ » Thu 24th Jan 2013

"Rapier, I'd say," Magni picked the sword up and tested the blade with his thumb. Sharp. Ready to use. He turned away from Rose and the others, walking along the depths of the armory, plucking a small hammer shaped pendant from his shirt.
"Brother," he murmured, "if you can hear me at all, now would be an excellent time to rejoin our halves."
His stroll of the weapons room halted by a potions section and a giant cauldron. The gears of his mind clicked like the sprockets of an old watch in full circuit. Potions and chemistry, that's about the melting point of science and magic, maybe....
He took a small sampling of the available ingredients and moved to a small worktable in the back, swiping a length of wire, some discarded blades, and a few dozen other odds and ends.
Imagining music montage was playing in the background, Magni cracked his joints and worked laboriously, mixing a bubbling vat of something nasty that smelled pleasantly of roses, filing down the widths of blades, dipping the blades in the nasty-rose concoction, housing the laced blades inside a metal sheath. The lines of his forehead were creased and filled to overflow with sweat as he developed a complex pulley rig system and integrated it into his blades.
As the end chord of Magni's imaginary montage came to an end, he dramatically whirled around in his chair, revealing...
...a sock. Two socks actually, both shrouded his arms, up to their respective elbows. He removed the socks, uncovering a strange leather gauntlet strapped firmly on each arm.
Magni gave a flick of his wrists and simultaneously, each wrist sprouted a sinister sharp blade, rather like some sort of mutated cat or wolverine. If a cat or wolverine sprouted lethal knives.
"This ought to even up the odds."
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