Atlantis Complex Roleplay

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Re: Atlantis Complex Roleplay

Post by Skyswallow » Fri 31st Aug 2012

Dembi took the container, and without looking at where she was pointing it, opened it. One litre of water, under high pressure, spurted out of the can and into her face. She squealed, wiping water out of her eyes and hurriedly turning the can to point at the fire. Unfortunately, most of the contents had emptied onto her, so she didn't really have any effect.
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Re: Atlantis Complex Roleplay

Post by rem » Mon 3rd Sep 2012

Rem fired his Fisser (i think thats what they where called) at the fire and put a large part of it out knowing the rest whould go out soon naturaly and there was also the large group of people aiming there fissers at the fire about to put out the remainder

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