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Take a step out of your everyday life and become whoever you want to be! In this forum users can start and join roleplays. Have fun!
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Post by TroubleFan818 » Sat 2nd Dec 2006

Im up for anything
Here we go Holly. Are you ready?"
"Artemis! I'm the field agent here," came the irritated reply. "Stay off my band unless you have somthing to contribute."
"I was just thinking---"
"I was just thinking that you should change your middle name to Contol Freak."Artemis glanced across at Butler, who was lying beside him and couldn't help overhearing the entire exchange.
"Control Freak? Can you believe that?"
"The nerve of some people," replied the bodygaurd without taking his eyes off the chateau.

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Post by Wednesday A. Rome » Sun 3rd Dec 2006

^-^ I don't know either, but either way, I'll join whatever. >_> I was gone for a few days as well, I'll do that, from time to time.)
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