FanArt of the Year

Welcome to Fangathering's 3rd Annual Awards!
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FanArt of the Year

Post by BlackOpal » Mon 2nd Feb 2009

FanGathering is home to numerous artists from all over the world, as we can all see from our growing fanart gallery. Which artwork made you think, laugh, cry, sigh, or leave you in awe? Which of these pieces would you consider this year's best?

(In no particular order.)

it's over 9000
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Re: FanArt of the Year

Post by KierisaNOT12 » Tue 17th Feb 2009

Mscuito's pic
the one on the bottem
Then genious at work

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Re: FanArt of the Year

Post by Miasaki-chan » Sun 22nd Feb 2009

FanArt of the Year

The bottom one.


On a different note, maybe I should have nominated ... =15&pos=81 as one.... oh well, too late now!
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Re: FanArt of the Year

Post by MMK » Wed 11th Mar 2009

This one:

The links are weird. Different pictures showed up this time than last time I clicked on them.

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Re: FanArt of the Year

Post by Artemis Lore » Sun 26th Apr 2009

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