vocaloid lovers club

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vocaloid lovers club

Post by CleoFowl » Mon 17th Sep 2012

this might be counted as manga/anime club but anyway...
this club is fo the many fans of vocaliods!
if you dont know who thy are heres a pic...

if it shows up...
grrr never mind just click the link...
https://www.google.com/search?q=vocaloi ... 00&bih=774

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Re: vocaloid lovers club

Post by Battery » Mon 17th Sep 2012

Hi Cleo :)

To start a club on this board, you need to fill out an application here. I don't think this club would be approved - there is already a Vocaloid thread in the Media section where you may discuss this topic, and we don't generally allow "I Love __" clubs :)
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