The Loveless FanBoys

Anyone can start or join a club in here.
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Re: The Loveless FanBoys

Post by dixieduffy » Sun 25th Oct 2009

i shalth join

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Re: The Loveless FanBoys

Post by Bang Your Drum » Fri 29th Jan 2010

As shall I.

As for Oapl's love intrest, it was pretty heavily hinted that she and Cudgeon were involved, form my perspective at least. Also possibly Holly, that wasn't hinted at of course, but I can dream right?
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Re: The Loveless FanBoys

Post by jsreed5 » Sun 7th Feb 2010

Loveless Fanboys... I gotta join this.

The minute I saw that this place existed I was instantly reminded of a fan pairings page I had made in my notebook FOREVER ago. So I looked it up to remind myself of who I had wanted to pair myself up with, and creepily enough, the only fictional person on the list was Artemis Fowl himself. ><;
If one considers real life crushes... well, there IS a particular girl in my signature! XD

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Re: The Loveless FanBoys

Post by ArtyRocks » Tue 19th Apr 2011

i know im a girl, but i couldnt help clicking this XD ! lol, i looked at the other posts and i couldnt help saying lol :rofl: ha ha ha

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Re: The Loveless FanBoys

Post by world is quiet here » Thu 10th May 2012

Loveless fanboys!
I'm so joining!
Please can I join? :)

I only just noticed this hasn't been posted in for ages....
Maybe it won't be a great idea to join. :/

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