Favourites List - But not Artemis!

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Favourites List - But not Artemis!

Post by Beckett Simpleton » Mon 1st Sep 2014

Who are your favourite primary, secondary and tertiary characters? But you may not say Artemis Fowl!

I was marking Primary to be Artemis, Holly, Butler etc
And then Secondary to be Mulch, Opal, Julius etc
and tertiary to be Angeline, Chix and Arno etc. But obviously the lines are very blurred.

I'm gonna go Butler, Foaly, Beckett. You?
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Re: Favourites List - But not Artemis!

Post by Skyswallow » Wed 3rd Sep 2014

Primary: Holly I guess? But I'd call Opal primary, given that she's the main series villain. So Opal ;)
Secondary: Foaly
Teriary: Uhh I forgot his name but Italian environmentalist from TOD. Or Dr Jerbil Argon.
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