Some Artemis Fowl II Questions

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Some Artemis Fowl II Questions

Post by DavidP » Wed 2nd Jan 2013

Hey I read the second Artemis Fowl book for a project for school and I was given a paper about Characterization. I need some help! Here are the questions that I need to answer that i have not completed yet:

Proudest Accomplishment (and why)
Perfect Day (and why)
Most Unusual Talent (and why)
Mission Statement (words to live by)
Current Residence
Favorite Book (and why)
Favorite Place (and why)
Favorite Subject (and why)
Retread (where the character goes to regroup/recharge/think)[because...]
Proudest Moment (because...)
Biggest Challenge (because...)
My Life is (how would you describe the character's life?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Re: Some Artemis Fowl II Questions

Post by Bang Your Drum » Wed 2nd Jan 2013

Hey there, welcome to the forum!

We actually have a section for homework help. However, if there is a list of math questions you expect answers to, all we will give you is some help understanding the mathematical formula(s) involved. I'm sure if your read the second book (and the first one too) you really should be able to answer these questions without much trouble.

If you have any concerns feel free to PM.
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