Where is magic produced? What does it do?

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Where is magic produced? What does it do?

Post by benaplus1 » Wed 14th Nov 2012

It would seem that magic is a form of energy. This was talked about in the 5th book. If so, how is it produced by the body. Well, first, let's explore the human body. Human cells have mitochondria in them that use oxygen and glucose to produce energy in the form of ATP. So, maybe, fairies have organelles in their cells that use oxygen, glucose, lunar dust particles (the light from the sun that reflects of the moon, causing a full moon, could also dislodge a certain number of lunar dust particles),soil particles, and acorn covering proteins. The lunar particles dislodged by sunlight travel to earth, somehow not being burned up in the atmosphere, and are inhaled. This is what I assume happens. Then, the inhaled lunar dust, though it should clog up the lung as effectively as coal dust, somehow reacts with the soil particles and acorn shell proteins also inhaled during the completion of the ritual. During this reaction, all three materials drift into the bloodstream to be carried to the cells. There, the magic organelles would use these materials to produce energy in the form of magic.

Magic can somehow heal things. Why? Perhaps magic is used as a better version of ATP, making all protein production and movement much faster. Instead of a ribosome poking along mRNA at 200 nucleotides a second, it could run at 4000 nucleotides a second. This would allow cells to repair themselves almost instantly. Perhaps this could also increase heart rate, getting new blood that had been produced in a magical frenzy back into the blood stream to save a life. What I don't know is how magic could determine toxins from benign materials. Can it react with the immune system to make the cells more active? Could it transmit data to the cells, as electricity or light can in fiber optic cables and wires? The data in question would be memory of pathogens. People need to stop thinking about magic as doing these things itself. If cannot. It is pure energy. It needs to use the cells in the body to do things. So, it must interact with them. This is the first part of my hypothesis of magic.

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Re: Where is magic produced? What does it do?

Post by Twisted Persona » Wed 14th Nov 2012

Well, it was said in one of the books that magic comes from the earth, that's why when humans started polluting the earth the magic became polluted and make the fairies ill. So, what i believe is that the fairies need to give back to the earth to receive magic, hence they plant an acorn to give to the earth and in turn the earth allows the fairy that planted the acorn a supply of magic. I assume that the earth only gives them a small supply to insure that they continue to feed the earth. You need to stop trying to break it down to a science. Its magic.
And is you don't like that response then allow me to use science. Human being only use 10 percent of thier brain, but in theory fairies can use thier entire brain. If this theory is examined then you'd realize that if a fairy uses thier entire brain then they have more synopsis than a human being does and the magic could very well be the extra synopsis generated by the brain. If that is the case then the fairy would only need to think of something for the magic to perform that action. Also, having that extra brain power would allow more of the brain to work on sending the signals to the body to repair itself, possibly resulting in rapid healing. There are certain abilities associated with those that can use more of thier brains than the average person such as telekinesis, telepathy, and the ability to see the future. A fairy could be able to use these skills by means of thermal transference, meaning that they would be able to heat up molecules or cool them down by transferring heat to or from them. As for healing others, synopsis are created jumping from one nerve ending to another, when a fairy is touching another person the synopsis could be transferred from thier nerve endings to the other person's like static electricity. And the ritual. It could be that the conditions with which the fairies perform the ritual under causes some sort of stimulation to their brains causing it to function more efficiently. The combination of sights, smells, and feelings could be the cause of the stimulation, and depending on how many of these thing are present could depend on how much stimulation the fairy's brain receives.
To follow up i'll point out the flaws i find in your theory. First of all, "Lunar Dust" is unavailable on earth and the light reflecting off the surface of the moon would not cause "Lunar Dust" to form on or fall to earth, the moon is just too far away and our gravity only holds the moon in orbit, it doesn't take dust or debris from the surface.
Secondly, It take quite a bit of ATP to make the body work, and we must intake large amounts of food and oxygen to produce that ATP. During the ritual there just isn't enough chemicals to intake to make normal ATP, let alone a better version of ATP.
Finally, with your method of magic creation there would really be no way for the magic to fix what's bad and keep what's good. There are new toxins, illnesses, and infections everyday so even if the magic were to have an imprinted memory of these things it still wouldn't know them all and therefore couldn't fix the things it doesn't recognize as harmful and leave alone the things it doesn't recognize as helpful. Also, the imprinted memory would be passed down through genetics so some fairies would have a different imprinted memory than others and some would be able to repair certain things when others could not, when in the book anybody can repair any problem with thier magic.

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