The Artemis/Opal pattern

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The Artemis/Opal pattern

Post by Wrothmonk » Sat 29th Sep 2012

Has anyone else noticed the fact that all of the book plot lines are caused by either Artemis doing something or Opal Koboi doing something? I've put together my reasons but I'm keeping them in spoilers because, well, they are spoilers.

Artemis Fowl
This one is kinda obvious, Artemis kidnaps Holly and the whole plot line is about getting her back to the lower elements un-harmed.
The Arctic Incident
Opal koboi attempts to start the goblin rebellion.
The C Cube
Artemis creates the C cube out of fairy technology and it gets stolen.
The Opal Deception
Its in the name, but if you need a more detailed explanation; Opal wants revenge and almost succeeds
The Lost Colony
Artemis begins research on the demon species of fairy, and he reveals that the magic that is keeping the demons in limbo is failing.
The Time Paradox
This one is a little hard to say for sure because of the whole time paradox thing, but if you ask me; None of the problems would have happened if Opal didnt follow Artemis to the present/future
The Atlantis Complexe
Most people will probably argue that Turnball root caused the plot-line in this book but I say otherwise. It is said somewhere in the book Turnball put his plan into action because Artemis had contracted atlantis complex. If artemis had not stolen magic he would not have gotten atlantis complex thus its technically artemis who caused it.
The Last Guardian
Opal planning escape and finally get revenge, sends a coded message to her accomplices outside of jail to kill her past self.

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Re: The Artemis/Opal pattern

Post by artytwin » Thu 18th Oct 2012

so true!
just make Arty's evil side even more clear. IT'S SO HOT!
no i am not obsessed! I JUST LOVE TALKING ABOUT ARTY 24/7!
no i do not love an imaginary person. YES, HE IS REAL! REAL I TELL YOU!
no i am not weird! I AM TOTALLY CRAZY!
If my heart thumps so quickly...When I hear his name
If I drool while reading books...About him everyday
If I cry when his heart...Is full of searing pain
If I laugh when he starts...To scare people away
If I sleep only to wish to wake...and see his shining face
If I eat only to wish to grow ...pointy ears but in dismay
If I live only to dream to join...the fun in his big game
If I breathe only to hope to his dangerous side always
Then I love Arty fowl...And that love is here to stay ~ artytwin
my greatest secret:
<3 j’adore artemis fowl!<3

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Re: The Artemis/Opal pattern

Post by Twisted Persona » Wed 14th Nov 2012

Some of these are correct but some are also wrong. First of all, in The Lost Colony Its not Artemis that causes the problem. The problem started when the demon island was sent to Limbo and the demon interupted the spell, which caused it to be unstable. If Artemis weren't around the problem would have still been there.
The Time Paradox is difficult, but if you look at it from the right angle its Artemis's fault. Artemis went back in time to save his mother but Opal was only able to come to the future because Artemis went back.
The problem in The Atlantis Complex wasn't caused by either Turnball or Artemis. If you've read the short story in The Artemis Fowl Files then you'd know that it was Holly that caught Turnball and ruined his plans, so he wanted revenge on her. Also, Turnball didn't attempt his escape because Artemis had the Atlantis Complex, if Artemis was fine the attempt would have still occurred.
Which The Time Paradox it may seem that it was all Opal's fault, but in truth it wasn't. Yes, Opal escape and pretty much wrecked the world, but she couldn't have done that without killing her younger self. And her younger self wouldn't have been in the future if Artemis hadn't gone back in time, so really, its Artemis's fault that Opal was able to escape and nearly destroy all of mankind.
On a different note, If you want to be technical about things the events of the first book were No.1's fault. He mind-wiped the younger Artemis before sending him back in time in The Time Paradox but when he woke up the was a slight memory involveing fairies, so he pursued that memory and found out about the existence of fairies. If he hadn't been mind-wiped its quite possible he would have never kidnapped Holly.
I don't mean to sound like i'm hating on you or anything, i'm just making a well researched observation.

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Re: The Artemis/Opal pattern

Post by Nol » Mon 10th Dec 2012

I agree with Twisted Persona. Looking at the evidence she's right.

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