how did you react when... [spoilers]

Anything about the Fowl books.
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Re: how did you react when... [spoilers]

Post by chocolatetruffles1 » Wed 28th Mar 2012

Aura wrote:When i read that part i was in the middle of Geometry class. I got so lost in the book i didn't notice i was crying until the teacher said my name and asked if everything was all right. All i said to him was, "Holly died." and he sent me to the counseler's office. I thought she'd be just as confused but she actually knew what i was talking about and we spent the rest of the school day talking about AF in her office.
Whoa.... That's really interesting. You must really like AF.
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Re: how did you react when... [spoilers]

Post by Aura » Wed 4th Apr 2012

chocolatetruffles1 wrote: Whoa.... That's really interesting. You must really like AF.
Yes. But i tend to get very lost in books, just not on Tuesdays.
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Re: how did you react when... [spoilers]

Post by Skyswallow » Thu 5th Jul 2012

I kept reading. I knew there were other books, and I knew there was an ending to that book, so logicaly Holly (and the warlocks) couldn't die, or they wouldn't be able to get back to Earth. I also thought that Artemis has a plan, he always does.
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Re: how did you react when... [spoilers]

Post by Twisted Persona » Wed 14th Nov 2012

I cryed for 15 minutes and through my book across the room. After that i picked it up and started reading again.

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Re: how did you react when... [spoilers]

Post by CloverKitty » Mon 19th Nov 2012

I was like,wow the last thing she saw was the only person able to save her turning away, leaving her to die.... And then I cried for awhile.

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