A Murder Most Foul

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A Murder Most Foul

Post by MichaelM » Mon 18th Feb 2008

I just had an interesting email.

Hi. Regarding the origin and meaning of the name "Artemis Fowl":

If pronounce the name with a bit of a slur, I think it sounds like "a murder most foul." Does anyone else interpret it thusly?

I'd never thought of that, and I kinda see it. Have any of you ever said the name like that? :)

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Re: A Murder Most Foul

Post by Meova » Mon 18th Feb 2008

Hmmm. I never really thought of that. But I always pronounce the name clearly anyway :P But it is interesting.
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Re: A Murder Most Foul

Post by dee_sequel » Mon 18th Feb 2008

a stretch, but that's way cool. :D
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Re: A Murder Most Foul

Post by Pampered.Pixie » Mon 18th Feb 2008

I don't think most people would generally say it like that, but cool. :razz:

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Re: A Murder Most Foul

Post by Crusher » Sat 23rd Feb 2008

No. I never thought of it like that. I really don't think that they sound anything alike.

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Re: A Murder Most Foul

Post by TheFoundColony » Sat 1st Mar 2008

They sound somewhat alike, but i never thought of that. And Artemis Fowl doesn't like to murder people, and he especially doesn't like to get murdered.
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