I Read "the Lost Colony" Yesterday.

Anything about the Fowl books.
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Post by MichaelM » Wed 9th Aug 2006

I-Love-You-Artemis wrote: Gr.. I am so jealous of you right now.. <_<

I cant wait any longerrrrrrrr!

:) :P ^_^ :lol: B) :D Lol

I know this is mean, but everytime I hear you (or anyone else say that), I pat the copy of The Lost Colony sitting next to me and laugh :P

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Post by I-Love-You-Artemis » Wed 9th Aug 2006

You are sooooo cruel.! Lol J/k :P

I will take revenge on you......REVENGE! -evil maniacal laughter-
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Post by the AZN guy » Fri 11th Aug 2006

i read the new artmis fowl yesterday (in 2 days)
and i have t say that so far its the weakest 1 of all
sorry matt
the plot was topsy turvy all the characters were under used (esoecially butler)
it had none of the usual elements that you find in an artemis fowl book!
not even any good scheming!!!!!
However the surprise ending was pretty good though
and i am excited about the next the series!

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