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Re: Trolls?

Post by MMK » Mon 7th Jan 2008

That's a good thought... they might have been underground before. After all, dwarfs were.

And even if they weren't... I can see them wandering down through the tunnels and just staying because they'd found a cool, dark place. They're stupid, but they seem to get around really easily- after all, it doesn't seem so rare for one to get to the surface, it should be even easier the other way around. And once they were there, I can't see the fairies getting rid of them- they can't even manage to take one alive on the surface (except for the one Holly took out), let alone move the entire species out from wherever it wants to live. It didn't seem like anyone was doing anything about the infestation in the Temple of Artemis in TOD.

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Re: Trolls?

Post by BlackOpal » Mon 7th Jan 2008

It just seems like they are more of a hazard underground than above it. Like you said, they wander out of the tunnels and can be discovered by humans. If they wandered into the tunnels they wouldn't be smart enough to find Haven or Atlantis. And if they did they don't have enough brains to understand it.
Unless they were underground/semi-underground before.
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Re: Trolls?

Post by carino » Tue 5th Feb 2008

Well, it did say they didn't like light. maybe they were there, along with the dwarves.
Though I don't see how they'd be worse aboveground. The fairies do have the means to subdue them, after all.
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Re: Trolls?

Post by Star Jinin » Mon 25th Feb 2008

I agree with MMK! That's a pretty interesting question though, BlackOpal
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Re: Trolls?

Post by GoMulchGo » Sat 15th Mar 2008

Maybe since trolls didn't like light (like BlackOpal said), They saw the other fairies go down and followed them because they were the only things that didn't live in light. And before the other fairies did anything to force the trolls back up, there were too many underground. :jump:
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