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Anything about the Fowl books.
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Re: FOALY's File

Post by Meova » Sat 1st Mar 2008

No, I think he'll be glad about that :P
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Re: FOALY's File

Post by sugarnspice » Sun 2nd Mar 2008

having foaly not being single, to me, really shows how much time has progressed in the books. and i hate it when a good book changes. it kinda reminds me of shrek 3. Everything was so much betterr when it was just..shrek, fiona, puss in boots, and donkey. the 3rd shrek movie was just horrible. really, really, reallllyyyyyyyy horrible. wat was with the baby? nahhhhh ruined all. i think...
lol its late, and i dunno if that made a lot of sense, but it makes sense in my head. :D Basically, i accept that foaly's not single, buh aggggghhhhh don't like it. now i go sleep
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