why does most people hate AF?

Anything about the Fowl books.
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Re: why does most people hate AF?

Post by GoMulchGo » Sat 15th Mar 2008

It really makes me feel sorry for people when they don't know who Artemis Fowl is. At my school I checked out an AF book and told my best friend he should read and he said it would take about a month for him to finish it... And it was the first one!

When I have children I'm going to read them AF or have them read AF as soon as possible. I made the mistake of not reading it until 12.
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Re: why does most people hate AF?

Post by Hazel » Thu 27th Mar 2008

Where i live some people like it and some don't. But i don't think that people don't read it becasue they dn't like it. it's because they never heard of it. :razz:
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Re: why does most people hate AF?

Post by mangaman » Wed 18th Jun 2008

people hate on AF because

1. they are noobs
2. they are really religous
3. they just don't like to read
4. they hate everything
5. they want to annoy you



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Re: why does most people hate AF?

Post by Nanet Fowl » Mon 7th Jul 2008

Most people in my class either haven't heard of it or don't understand the plot, because they are not interested in describes of underworld and hidden civilization as my classmate said...I don't know where is the truth, but people don't like it because it's some kind of concurency for Harry Potter even if HP is much more famous, and the others think it's something HP, so they won't read it.

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Re: why does most people hate AF?

Post by cathrel » Mon 21st Jul 2008

It saddens me why people actually hate it. :( it was my friend in Grade school who forced me to read it. Yes. FORCE. So i read it for a week or so, then my Mom read it and she loved it. So i finished the book and boy am i so hooked! Who would have thought that an evil vs evil kind of book would be awesome? I DO. 8) I fell in love with Artemis for the reason that he was like me--you know, selfish, and all I care is money, so i can relate to him--and what was more great was I was 12 that time. The following weeks, my Mom bought me the AF UK Set and that was really the happiest day of my life! LOL.

In High School, we were having this BookReaders' Club all to our own where all of us "members" will read the book we're reading all at the same time outside our room, so everyone who passed us goes, "WOAH! A LINE OF BOOKWORMS!" which we consider as a compliment. :D I was reading an Eoin Colfer book that time [i forgot what--maybe supernaturalists] so the next day i recommened AF1 to my classmate and my other classmate told her its pretty boring! And that made her refuse to read the book! Without giving it a chance! :( i was really hurt that time considering it's the best books ever made. *sobs*

It was my other firned who borrowed the book and got really into it! :D She was like, "Cath, This book is incredible! Imagine! A 12 year-old crminal mastermind! What could be better than that? Certainly not the boy-who-lived." And that made my day! Eversince I let her borrow my books and we would talk about artemis all the time! In second year, i got my other friend to read it and she said, 'I dunno why but everytime I read what Artemis has to say, i feel all tingly!" LOL. Glad to hear she likes Arty too! I got my two other friend to read TLC and she said it was so cool! But she hates Minerva, but i don't! Hahha...

So far I've got 5 of my friends to read Artemis Fowl. And all of us can't wait for the movie.


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Re: why does most people hate AF?

Post by snoring_egomaniac » Wed 30th Jul 2008

I'm sooooo happy!
My Bff hated Artemis Fowl and kept saying how stupid it was. Just because of this every time we had a sleepover (which is a lot) I would start to read AF books aloud to her while she was lying in bed before she was fully awake and could slap me. The first 3-4 times i did this she kept trying to kill me and say how stupid they were. However, recently I was sleeping over at her house and I had brought TLC with me. I started to read it and she just sat there for a few minutes and then said " This isn't too bad actually" The next day while I was waiting for my mom to pick me up we spent the entire time (about an hour) taking turns reading aloud. Needless to say she was confused but I just gave her the first book when i saw her next.
The sad part is that I only have books 1,3,4,5,and 6 is being shipped as we speak. So I can't give her the next books in the series until she reads TAI which could take awhile but nevertheless I am determined to have her read them all. and soon. very soon.

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Re: why does most people hate AF?

Post by Captain Short 711 » Sun 24th Aug 2008

Oh my god!!!!! i am soooooooo annoyed! people in my class keep saying mean things about arty and the other charachters! i talk about it 24/7 so theyd read it and i think its working cos a guy in my class bought the entire series! and other kids (including my bff)fight to borrow it from the library but unfortunately my bf is a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slow reader; she had it for 2 weeks and shes up to pg 60! so i told her to take it home so she goes: i do! i read 20 mins every night! me and her made an artemis alliance and we bribe people to read the books just so they can get into it! i think its also like tabooed in Australia and its reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally getting on my nerves!!!!!!

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Re: why does most people hate AF?

Post by AllwithMagic1 » Wed 2nd May 2012

I have a friend who just looooves to read books.
Being a super fast reader, she reads at least one or two books per week, and those books are about 300 ~400 pages long! :shock:
However, she doesn't like the AF series. Neither did she finish it.
I keep telling her that it's a wonderful book, and just how great the book is.
I remember this one time when she told me that she actually read a few chapters.
But then, she didn't finish because it was too hard to understand... :(
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Re: why does most people hate AF?

Post by Ash Kelp » Thu 3rd May 2012

One of my freinds read the first book and didn't like it becuase it was to gory. seriously it's not like any of this is happening:
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Re: why does most people hate AF?

Post by yunyun » Fri 11th May 2012

Well, there's like 2 people who I've heard AF from, and none of my friends hate it like animorphs. But then again, I talk about animorphs and RAF waaaay too much

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Re: why does most people hate AF?

Post by Randomosity » Thu 7th Jun 2012

I think they'll like it when (if!) they make a movie, think of the hunger games... (that's gory!)
I think you either like them or u don't.

Yeah, it's the marmite of the book world! :awesome:

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Re: why does most people hate AF?

Post by Skyswallow » Sun 10th Jun 2012

My classmates think it's boring. They seem to have only read the first chapter, if any of it. And one girl I know says it's too confusing. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
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Re: why does most people hate AF?

Post by evilgenius » Mon 2nd Jul 2012

Did they read the prologue? The prologue is the reason I read AF it's epic. The blurb at the back wasn't really interesting to me. I read it when I was nine or something I thought it was good(obviously) But then I read it again when I was twelve and I loved it I read it in one sitting. Then I bought the other books and raved incessantly. Which of course made some of my friends read it(about 4 people) and they loved it, just not as much as I do.One friend does think it's boring and the other just thinks Percy Jackson owns all other books.They are not included in the four.

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Re: why does most people hate AF?

Post by Beckett Simpleton » Sat 14th Jul 2012

I wasn't that hooked by Artemis myself at first. I was lent the series by my auntie and I read the prologue and first chapter of the first one and thought 'this is rubbish' and never looked at them for months. But I was in London with my dad and he was complaining about me reading Harry Potter constantly, and took me to a book shop to get a new book. I recognised the cover style (but not from AF because my auntie had the american paperback) and thought it was Alex Rider that my friend read at the time, but it turned out it was the just released Time Paradox (my favourite in the series) I really enjoyed it. You can imagine my surprise when I got home and found I had the rest of the series on my bookshelf, unread!

It was the same with Harry Potter actually! I read the Deathly Hallows when I was first released, because my dad complained about me over-reading some other series, and then I found that it was THAT SERIES when I got back home!

when I think back to books like the Eternity Code, like right now, it really strikes me how much Artemis has grown...

A few people like AF in my school, and the first one's in the library (but with a pants cover, so no one reads it) but I have only came across one person who hates it and she hasn't even read it. I have introduced four people to AF in the past few years!

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