How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Anything about the Fowl books.
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Re: How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Post by BoboParadizo » Sat 23rd Jul 2011

A librarian told me about the first AF book. After I read it, I mostly forgot about it, until one day, I went to this other library and found out there was an entire series! I read all of em 4 times. :D

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Re: How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Post by heart_of_gold » Fri 26th Aug 2011

My mom gave me a copy of AF1 after our school's book sale library cleanout thing. It went from there, and that was in grade 5.

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Re: How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Post by Rhapsody » Wed 31st Aug 2011

My older brother. I was about 5, and teasing (in a good-humured way!) him yet again about his name, when he goes "Its not my fault Mum and Dad like the Artemis Fowl books!" And...yeah.

I've been hooked ever since, and still teasing my bro. :P But then, trust me, its hard not to!

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Re: How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Post by evilgenius » Sat 3rd Sep 2011

i was about ten when i spotted the golden artemis fowl cover i usually read in the bookstores for a while instead of buying.but after a few pages i had to finish i was so spellbound so i got someone to buy it for me and read all the way home and continued to read until i finished it later. honestly i don't think i tore my eyes from the page once.i'll never forget the amazing feeling of reading it for the first time.does any one else wish they could replicate the feeling of reading an amazing book for the first time?

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Re: How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Post by Fowl's_Girl » Thu 15th Sep 2011

My dad actually got my interested in them. We were at a book store and he was looking for really boring books, then he wanted to go get some new books for my sister. He held Artemis Fowl book one up, and he was like 'Artemis Fowl...Isn't Artemis a girl's name?"
I was like, "It can be a boy's name. Only when a boy deserves the title."
My dad shrugged. "Alright, then you can read it."
He was kinda making fun of me, because I have dislexia, and can't read very well, but after the first few pages, I was hooked. And it helped me widen my vocabulary. XD
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Re: How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Post by Iris_Cam » Fri 16th Sep 2011

In my primary school library. It didn't have the complete series, having a few budget issues, so it just had The Opal Deception and the first book, so I read them and forgot about it till I got to high school. Where they had all of them. Except the last one. But that's not even published yet. But I still haven't read The Eternity Code yet, because it's in the other campus.
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Re: How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Post by AFrules12 » Fri 14th Oct 2011

Well first my Dad was listeing to an interview of Eoin Colfer, and because my dad comes from the same place, he went and got the first book out of the libary. I saw the gold cover and started reading it. Then I forgot about it until I saw someone selling the first 3 cheaply at a car boot sale. I got the rest out of the libary and slowly I'm buying them from charity shops etc. - I don't get much pocket money!

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Re: How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Post by Immortal » Fri 14th Oct 2011

I first read the graphic novel when it came out in 2006/2007, before I started to read the whole series from back then to now.
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Re: How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Post by PastelBlue » Fri 11th Nov 2011

When I was about 11, I was looking for some good books and my Mom remembered my older sis had read them and enjoyed them. I read the five ones and loved them. Then in October 2011, I re-read them and read the two new ones. I then became a mega fan!
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Re: How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Post by wrr0rzxpurrt » Sat 12th Nov 2011

Well, I bet no one'll read this, but funny story --

I first saw an Artemis Fowl book when I was sixth grade, a coupla years back. It was on some kid's desk. The sixth book -- Time Paradox. I indulged in a habit of mine -- temporarily stealing books and reading the summary aloud in a dramatic voice before laughing and walking away.

I did so.

The summary sucked XDD

Then, in the summer after sixth grade, I went to an outdoorsy camp. There were no books. I got desperate.

Some chick had the first AF book. I stole it from her whenever she wasn't using it and finished it.
I loved it.
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Re: How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Post by Star*7 » Thu 5th Jan 2012

I was in 6th grade, and my best friend (crazychick) was reading one, and since she said they were interesting, I decided to try them. :) I read almost half of the first book in Science Class. :lol:
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Re: How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Post by Captain_Short » Sat 7th Jan 2012

Actually, my frenemy started reading the first book, so I had tried to finish it first :razz: I did, and LOVED it, so I read book after book after book in the series. My frenemy ended up reading the first three books (after I had read the entire series already XD) and then abandoned them, though. :?

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Re: How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Post by criminalmastermind » Tue 10th Jan 2012

before, I tried reading it, but didn't like it much. Then, a while ago, I gave the books another chance (The Arctic Incident) and....INSTANT OBSESSION
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Re: How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Post by That Chick2 » Thu 16th Feb 2012

Okay, so one of the meanest teachers in the school saw me doing nothing and came over. I knew I shouldn't have been just sitting there but the only books she had put out yet where those Artemis Fowl ones. I refused to read them because they looked boring. She point to the book and told me to get the first.
I picked it up, very mad. I opened and whisper,
"Yeah yeah kid genuis." Then I read on. Turns out everyone Irish. I remember licking my lips. I finshed the book and walked up to the teacher and said,
"Do you have the second?"

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Re: How Did You Find Out About Artemis?

Post by Spudtron98 » Thu 8th Mar 2012

I found the first book in my cousin's bookshelf. I thought the cover looked nice, picked it up and read the blurb. Then thats where I got interested! I mean, honestly, HIGH TECH FAIRES?! I was also obsessive over technology, and when I spotted the bit about Artemis being a twelve year old genius... yeah, that got me.
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