Is Colfer running out of ideas for some characters?

Anything about the Fowl books.
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Re: Is Colfer running out of ideas for some characters?

Post by Artemis_Yanez » Fri 17th Aug 2007

Modest-Genius wrote:
1hollyfan wrote:im glad u like it. any more people u want to add. personally, i like the idea of winy, petty, egotistic grub dying, which is why trouble turns to holly for comfort. :razz:

I think you've misunderstood what I meant about the characters. It's only the main characters that this applys to. People like Grub or Sool who only appear in a few books here and there are not going to be killed off because Colfer can't think of anything for them.

As fr the main characters Opal apperaing again in another book would be ridculous, her part in this story is over much like I would say Jon Spiro's part is over. Colfer isn't just going to murder them in the final book because he can't squish them in another plot.

I also don't think that he would resort to killing his characters like Butler or Mulch becuase he doesn't have any ideas for them! All that happens is that it makes his righting go a bit sloppy like with Mulch in TLC or Butler in OD. Butler came to close to death in the third book to be killed the final one, I see him as the unkillable Hagrid of the series. As for Mulch, come on no one has the heart to kill Mulch!

I very much agree indeed. Mulch provides much of the comedy for the series!
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Re: Is Colfer running out of ideas for some characters?

Post by 1hollyfan » Mon 20th Aug 2007

sory, i guess i did misunderstand, but i was just saying people he might kill off. but i think he will not kill off minerva becuase shes just too new. ( :lol: watching the faces of minnie haters.) butler cant die because hes the action big guy. mulch, as yanez siad, provides the commedy, and holly is the second biggest character, so she wont die. i really really dont want foaly to die, but he might! i mean, in the "what will happen in the harry potter seven?" book, they predicted dobbyas the thing least likely to die, but he did. so everyone i just stated miht die! MUHAHAHA!
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