Do you like the character design Graphic Novel?

Anything about the Fowl books.
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Re: Do you like the character design Graphic Novel?

Post by yunyun » Mon 14th May 2012

Ash Kelp wrote:The biggest fualt in the graphic novels, personally, was the size persective:

Elves that are under four feet being taller than a certain unnamed twelve year'old, i'm twelve, and i'm a little insulted. :-x

Butler was twice the size of some adults, expecially in the beginning of the first book.

Artemis was as tall as other adults in the begining of the first book, are the adults also under four feet tall?

Other than that the characters were how i expected them to be. Meaning that they fit the book's description, a rare, but very good, thing.
Totally agreed! I was like "What the heck? Why is Holly taller than Artemis?!"

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Re: Do you like the character design Graphic Novel?

Post by Nol » Mon 10th Dec 2012

I didn't like the Graphic novel designs, but out of all of them i was least dissappointed with Holly's.

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Re: Do you like the character design Graphic Novel?

Post by Eldewind Dolly » Wed 12th Mar 2014

The character design in the graphic novels are real good to me, they fit the descriptions of the books and all and that's great. I'm just not really cool with the fact Artemis is one meter tall --" and I don't know if you noticed that Artemis is the same high as Holly, but taller than Root ?
I guess they decided it would be easier if Artemis and Holly were the same size, for dialogues and other situations ; actually I always wondered how Holly managed to punch Arty in the face (IN DA FAAACE) in the first book, as she arrives somewhere between his belly and his belt --'

And am I the only one to think that the third graphic novel was less better drawn than the first ones ? More... cartoonesque, especially Arty who sometimes has very weird facial expressions Oo
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