Anything about the Artemis Fowl books.
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Post by MichaelM » Mon 6th Mar 2006

michelle_f33 wrote: I cant be bother to learn the E code it looks really hard. But Gnommish I found really easy.

Its cos of the AF:Files?

The page in the middle suggests you translate it. So i simply HAD to translate it! After that, you just sorta learn the symbols while youre doing it :)

That was the first time i realised the designs at the bottom were actually a code XD

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Post by michelle_f33 » Tue 7th Mar 2006

Nahh I translated it before I bought the AF files, it toke me 4ever!!

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Post by ClaireB » Tue 7th Mar 2006

I figured the code for Arctic Incident, but I really can't remember it now...
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Post by fowl girl » Wed 8th Mar 2006

i did opal deception then i did the first one. i kinda like how he (perposly) mis-spelled some words XD
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