Favorite Book?

Anything about the Fowl books.
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Re: Favorite Book?

Post by crazychick » Fri 27th Nov 2009

The Lost Colony. I love the whole idea of it. :D
And I agree with Julissa.
Julissa Holly Fowl wrote:I hate TOD. I really, truly, hate it with a passion. Why, oh, why did Colfer have to kill Julius? *sobs* He was amazing!
My favorites are probably TAI, because Root plays a major part and because of many other reasons that have been discussed already, and TLC, because while Root didn't show up, Minerva is awesome. Frankly, I'm as Sueish as she is, and can relate to almost everything about her.
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Re: Favorite Book?

Post by IwishIwasafaerie » Wed 16th Dec 2009

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Re: Favorite Book?

Post by helsic » Wed 24th Mar 2010

OMG... is almost impossible pick just one!

But I really liked The eternity Code to much! I don´t know why I like Spiro :) (I know he is so annyoing) but is so cool as a antagonist and I also like the The Arctic Incident to much ;--; I love Arty being so confused about his feelings...

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Re: Favorite Book?

Post by Tree-huger » Fri 2nd Apr 2010

I kinda liked TOD. But when i had gotten up to the part where Julius was killed i threw the book across the room. I think i liked it so much because of the feeling i got when Artemis regains his memory. it was a "YEAH! IN YOUR FACE!" moment. i don't really know who i was talking to but yeah...

But my absoloute fav is the 1st book! :D It is soooo awesome!

anyone agree with me?
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Re: Favorite Book?

Post by Battery » Sun 4th Apr 2010

Eh... I didn't like the end of TOD. It seemed so... "and they lived happily ever after" to me, if that makes sense. It reads like it was written for the end of the series, and because it wasn't the end of the series, it seemed cheesey and overall, just... odd. But I agree with you on most of that.

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Re: Favorite Book?

Post by Dontkillchic » Mon 5th Apr 2010

I find it impossible to choose a favourite book, I've never been great at deciding on just one thing.

Let's just say I love 'em all, including those two short stories (LEPrecon and The Seventh Dwarf) that sandwiched the first one...

Despite the fact that "The Seventh Dwarf" didn't really make much sense. X3
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Re: Favorite Book?

Post by someone » Sat 22nd May 2010

The Time Paradox.
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Re: Favorite Book?

Post by captain-trouble » Thu 15th Jul 2010

TTP gave me a headache, haha. But it was awesome nonetheless.

I think TAI was my favourite, but that's partially because of my obsession with cold and snow and all things wintery. Plus I liked the whole evil Cudgeon thing :D He made a good villain.

I love them all though. With the excepion of TLC, but that's only because I've never been able to get my hands on a copy.
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Re: Favorite Book?

Post by artemisfowlexpert1 » Sat 7th Aug 2010

The Arctic Incident
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Re: Favorite Book?

Post by FowlStar » Tue 17th Aug 2010

The first was the best! It started everything. I always love the first book in a really good series. :) But I haven't read some of them in a really long time, so it might be iffy.
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Re: Favorite Book?

Post by spritegirl15 » Wed 25th Aug 2010

I love the first one and the Time Paradox. :D
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Re: Favorite Book?

Post by Silversong » Wed 3rd Nov 2010


I know some of you still haven't read it, but it's hilarious.

But I did find myself with some book-throwing moments XD.
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Re: Favorite Book?

Post by xAccio_Artemisx » Mon 22nd Nov 2010

From the books I've read, TLC has been my favourite so far (:

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Re: Favorite Book?

Post by Artemis' Angel » Thu 30th Dec 2010

i liked the time paradox... :jump:
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Re: Favorite Book?

Post by E.N.HA » Wed 5th Jan 2011

My favorite book was TAI; it really felt like Colfer found his style, as I think he said somewhere. Lots of action, great dialogue, brilliant villains, and amazing character interactions. Except that I was so emotionally involved with TOD (Julius dying - :( :( :( ) and it was also awesome how Artemis regained his memory. Ah, I simply love every book! Well, except TTP - I like it because it's part of the series and that's about it. No offense to anyone. :)
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