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Anything about the Artemis Fowl books.
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Post by TroubleFan818 » Mon 2nd Oct 2006

I had finished The Opal Deception this morning and I went to the mall and got The Lost Colony. I thought that the cover was very interesting. (It was a bright Orange!) Not the color I would have expected from Colfer but what can I say, he has done a lot of things that i never would have dreamed would happen to the Fowl Crew.

To those who read the book: Is is good? on a scale of 1-10. (1 being bad and 10 being GREAT!!!)

Also please don't spoil the book for me. :ninja: OR I WILL KILL YOU!!! LOL JK
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Post by CaptainHollyShort » Mon 2nd Oct 2006

I actually would give it a 6 but most people on the site would give it a 13. Depends really.

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Post by darvit » Mon 2nd Oct 2006


I just came from the mall a few hours ago, and I forgot to get The Lost Colony [yeah I love it in italics XD]. XD

I haven't really done the Amazon.com thing, either, so, I don't know. I know I'm not a true fan, since I'm not doing extra effort to get a copy.. But I'd like to read it when I'm not that busy anymore. :) And when I read it, I'd be reading it in one sitting anyway, and that just feels wrong afterwards. It's like the 'waiting' took longer than the actual 'reading'. XD
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Post by Flame » Tue 3rd Oct 2006

I would rate it a 7.
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Post by Lufgif » Tue 3rd Oct 2006


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