Rereading AF

Anything about the Artemis Fowl books.
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Rereading AF

Post by FowlStar » Fri 7th Dec 2018

So I've been rereading AF and I just finished the first book. I've already bought a copy of the Arctic Circle and i'm really excited to be starting that. it reminds me of so many good times with you all, sitting in the library thumbing through these pages, talking with everyone. The friends i made here.

i also look back on this reread with a bit of sadness because i understand why the story is being told in the first place. what happened to arty in the later books. it's a lot and i didn't expect to still have so much emotion for this series at all. but i'm glad for it, it makes me feel like i still have a home here.

i still love mulch diggums and root so much, and the sprites are so fun to laugh at. with holly short.... let's just say i get why i was so gay for her when i was 14. she's amazing. and artemis is still as brilliant and biting as ever. i'm looking forward to the eternity code a lot a lot a lot. dkwjaoihdhduhklm you guys i'm so excited for the movie, even if the casting is a disaster. but off topic, i digress.

i love you all. if anyone rereads the books please put your impressions here.
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Re: Rereading AF

Post by lackingimagination » Sat 8th Dec 2018

Hmm I'm in the same boat kinda - In recent months I've been rereading the books in preparation for the movie! Well actually "rereading the books" is a stretch, because I barely got through the first book and then didn't continue. Not because they're bad or anything, I just sadly don't really have the attention span for books anymore. In the next year, hopefully I'll try a little harder and reread the whole series.

I haven't read them in years and it's honestly a shock exactly HOW awesome and inventive they are. For the first book, anyway. There are things I don't like, of course, but altogether I really enjoyed it, it's been too long. You can compare Artemis Fowl to Harry Potter or Die Hard or what-the-hell-ever, but in the end, there's really nothing else like it.

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