The Ukraine/Russia Situation

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Bang Your Drum
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Re: The Ukraine/Russia Situation

Post by Bang Your Drum » Fri 18th Apr 2014

Bang Your Drum wrote:
HollyShort9 wrote:
Cabaline wrote:Yeah that's true.
Apparently they have to catalogue everything they own and pay a fee to be 'registered'.
I actually feel as if we've somehow gone back in time to 1938. I am so disgusted right now and not one 'world leader' is doing a damn thing about it. It makes me so angry.
Didn't we learn the first time around?
This is exactly how World War II started. Jewish people had to register then, too. And everyone turned a blind eye and said that "nothing that bad is going to happen" and then we ended up with six million people dead, invasions of other countries, and death camps.

I'm fairly certain something will happen now, or at least I hope. Putin shouldn't be allowed to continue like this.
As it happens both sides of my father's family fled Ukraine due to this kind of persecution.
Double post update

I asked my dad about his and he says Russia is trying to make Ukraine look bad.
Either way it looks like things are happening. ... story.html ... s-threats/
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Re: The Ukraine/Russia Situation

Post by Solinium Pulse » Fri 18th Apr 2014

There are some news articles that are simply saying that it's just a sick prank. ... s-register ... r-ukraine/

If it's a prank, it's not funny.

I think this should be investigated. :\

You know what they say: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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Re: The Ukraine/Russia Situation

Post by Skyswallow » Fri 18th Apr 2014

I really hope it isn't true :(
Just out of curiosity, does anyone know whether it would be possible for the Crimea to simply split away and become independent of Ukraine and Russia (a bit like an independent version of Northern Ireland) or are its ties to both countries too strong?
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Re: The Ukraine/Russia Situation

Post by HollyShort9 » Mon 28th Apr 2014

^I'm not sure on your question about Crimea becoming independent.

But I do know that Putin denied that Ukraine was being invaded, and I believe several days/weeks ago he finally admitted that it was being invaded by the military. I'm not buying the "Jews don't have to register, we were just pranking!" story, simply because we've already been fooled once.

Twice, if we let the apparent requirement that Jews have to register slide, because we've already had a first Holocaust.
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