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Post by Lavaeolus » Sun 17th Mar 2013

Pardon if this has already been made before. I had a quick look, but I didn't see anything. So...

People have faith in many things; for instance, many have faith that the sun will come up tomorrow. But that is not what we shall be talking about today.

Faith, as I bring up, is the belief that something is true when lacking or in spite of evidence. It is a core part of most religions and it's often described as a virtue. Others have argued that faith is "just stupid".


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Re: Faith

Post by Bang Your Drum » Sun 17th Mar 2013

I'm not sure about anyone else but I have faith in science, becuase (I will be talking about this) if the current weather reports say it will be cloudy, I'll look at various sources and percentages, use taht along with past reports and if said source often presents percentages much higher than others....
But the sun"coming up" is a misnomer of course, the planet moves (on its way around the sun) so we can see it.
It doesn't go away, to anther plane on the other sides of the turtle or the under world, or anything like that.
Then of course there is intuition when you get a feeling about something, it's more of an emotional thing I believe...
I do not personally believe in an after life, ESP, or reincarnation. I wish I did quite a lot, I just cannot accept so much of any major organized beliefs to do so.
Moses Seixas wrote:give bigotry no sanction

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Re: Faith

Post by The redeem3r » Sun 31st Mar 2013

Faith is in no way "stupid" in my opinion. You can't define a belief as stupid as there is no absolute proof for anything. Under the parameters of science, no omnipotent being can exist and we can explain many natural happenings. Under the parameters of religion, god can exist (and does) and many happenings are explained, but what can be explained is limited.

Is this absolute proof that religion is false and that the ever evolving science is right without doubt? No. This is coming from someone who chooses to have faith in science above any other parameter(in fact I'll be majoring in astrophysics).

My faith is no more accurate than yours becasue while there exists many parameters, no external proof exists for said parameters. Intrinsic factors do exist (mathematics and its branches for science and religious writings for religion), but no proof exists for me to say my proof is more "true" than the religious people's proof.

This is why I consider myself an agnostic atheist. Faith is something that we leave to people to decide for themselves, as byproducts are seldom bad(and of course there exists extremists, but those are the "seldom bad"). I say that so I can assert that there are many, many moral implications to religion. Positive ones at that, one example being the commandment to not murder.

The reasons aliens haven't made contact with us because if a species were to become space-faring, they would have no doubt realized that bickering and warring is primitive. They realize that any interaction with humans would be met with hostility on our parts. Only when we can put aside our differences and tear down our borders will be find what we are looking for.

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