Is it "Hillary" or "Ms. Clinton"

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Bang Your Drum
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Is it "Hillary" or "Ms. Clinton"

Post by Bang Your Drum » Wed 30th Jan 2013

Although former Secrectary of State for the US, Hilary Clinton (as well as First Lady/Wife of President Bill Clinton) seems firm on her decision not to run for president in 2016, I was reminded of some thing. Form he last bid from the job in 2008.
While she was still running against current president, Barrack Obama (now in his seconds term) her campaign signs said her first name, rather than her last like the other candidates, all of whom were male.
The reason could be something to with her husband already having served tow terms, the maximum for a US president to serve. Doing so would avoid confusion for those who may just be a bit too dense to realize this, or who think that the law has been changed :/
Calling someone by their surname is a common professional courtesy, why would it be so hard to give Hilary Clinton n the same respect people give Rick Ricksantrum? Though if you as me he deserves little if any respect.....
Of course it was deliberate she must have had to approve it before it went on the signs. But I'd still ie to hear what anyone who has thought on this has to say.
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Amber Root
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Re: Is it "Hillary" or "Ms. Clinton"

Post by Amber Root » Wed 6th Feb 2013

I agree that it is unprofessional and by calling someone like her with authority by their first name, and only that is not respectful, even if you do not like her. It is still not showing any respect.

I believe that she did it for attention.

Or maybe so she takes her viewing point from the people to not look at her as her husband, but as herself, perhaps?
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