Childhood Events

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Childhood Events

Post by Twisted Persona » Wed 12th Dec 2012

A child expects thier parents to show up to the important events in thier lives, and even if they know they won't make it, it still damages the soul to not see them there.
Tonight i went to my 13-year-old brother's christmas concert at his school. He's in choir so he does 2 concerts with his school a year. I always try to make time to go to them to support him and congradulate him, because its important to him and i love my brother. It was me and the person i live with that went to it, but our mother didn't go. She didn't even consider going for a single moment, insisting she was "busy"(even though she had nothing to do until 10 o'clock). I expected this, being that she never attended the important events in any of our lives, even my graduation. My brother knew she wouldn't be there, but he wanted her to be, and he was upset when she wasn't. After the concert he ran up, hugged me, and said, "I'm glad you came."
What i'd like is for you to give me your opinion on wheither parents should be at thier children's special events. Your thoughts on if its bad parenting or not to just not show up. And your general opinions on the topic.

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Re: Childhood Events

Post by Nol » Wed 12th Dec 2012

That's terrible! She should have came!

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Re: Childhood Events

Post by CloverKitty » Wed 12th Dec 2012

That's sad, I'm glad my parents come. I wish they wouldn't sometimes but then I think abou how it would be if they never did. But anyway, if your kid wants you to come, I think you should come.

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Re: Childhood Events

Post by artytwin » Wed 12th Dec 2012

aw, that's sad. And cute! you're little brother hugged you! adorable :3

why don't you try talking to your mom. In my opinion, what she did was horrible and ego shredding. A mother should support her kids.
On the bright side, now you're sure you'll never do that to your kids.
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