Oppinions please?

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Oppinions please?

Post by ashyartemispotozuko » Tue 6th Nov 2012

So i am kinda in a delema. I think. I was friends with these 3 girls.... they were killed in a car accident last year by their friend driving 110 MPH. you can watch a news story about them at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5t-6jYkMoM

Today, Carly, the driver of that vehicle was sentenced to a year in prison and 6 years probation.

What do you guys think? Is that too much? too little? Please keep in mind these were her 3 friends and there was 9 people in the vehicle. she was over 18 years old. she already lost 3 friends. she suffered enough.

she already graduated and she has already gone off to a university. she is working to become a productive member of our society.... I just wanna know your guys's oppinions please? I'll post more later, i can't really think right now....
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Re: Oppinions please?

Post by artytwin » Fri 16th Nov 2012

i think it's too much. 6 YEARS PROBATION is too much, a year in prison... maybe a little less. she shouldn't have been driving at 110 mph...
so sorry for your loss :( :(
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Re: Oppinions please?

Post by Ash Kelp » Fri 16th Nov 2012

Personally, she got off lucky; even if she didn't mean to kill them she was driving at over one hundred miles per hour. no matter the speed limit that's just pretty extreme recklessness, they probably just want her to learn her lesson, and send a message that doing that could be considered a crime. I think it would help to know more of the circumstances. I don't know the speed limit, but still, there's going seventy or seventy-five, but over one hundred?
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Re: Oppinions please?

Post by world is quiet here » Fri 16th Nov 2012

She killed three people. She could of crashed and killed many more. She should get life sentence, in theroy. But I would say 15 years.

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Re: Oppinions please?

Post by Bang Your Drum » Mon 26th Nov 2012

It should be noted that that would be manslaughter/third degree murder. She never intended to hurt anyone (manslaughter/second degree murderer is when you want to hurt/or just scare them and not kill someone, but end up killing them BTW)

I don't know much about SUVs... but I'm pretty sure most can't hold nine people. If this is the case I guess that's why a few girls were not wearing seat belts. That's a head scratch-er for me, surely at least one of them had a cell phone to call and ask to someone to come and pick them up. Seatbelts really could have made a difference, it did for my dad.

Depending on the place/density... you can drive pretty fast... but I don't think over 100 is acceptable anywhere without clearance of some sort...
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Re: Oppinions please?

Post by Randomosity » Sun 23rd Dec 2012

First up, like artytwin, I'm really sorry. It's awful when people die. Second up, I think that it was about right. She had the responsibilities of the rest of the people in the vehicle to think about. But as you said, she has probably suffered already.
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