Are friends necessary?

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Are friends necessary?

Post by lackingimagination » Fri 26th Oct 2012

i don't know about you, but i've made the personal choice not to have any friends, and it's working out really well for me. i'm inherently a selfish being and i just can't bring myself to care about the "trials and tribulations" of other people around my age, older, or younger. i love my family, and that's about it. i'm happy without friends, and since i've honestly never had any (and i'm mentally healthy, obviously!) i thought i should make a thread asking,
are friends necessary (for mental health or well-being)?

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Re: Are friends necessary?

Post by artytwin » Thu 6th Dec 2012

When i was in 5th all the way to 8th grade, i had no friends. This was mostly because I was new to the country. I was depressed, my grades were down, and I used to catch the flue often. Now I'm in tenth grade, and I'm mildly popular, as popular as i want to be. It's mostly because i smile. I haven't caught the flue in two years (a record for me) my grades have risen quite a lot, and I find myself more comfortable.

for people without friends: smile. that's the best way to make friends. jump into a conversation, and dont wait for people to invite you. :D good luck.
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Re: Are friends necessary?

Post by Ash Kelp » Thu 6th Dec 2012

No, friends can be necessary, but they are not needed. Personally the notion of having friends upsets me. We see plenty of people and interact with them daily, and that's fine and cool. But when you start to label people as friends, lots of labels get thrown around. (i.e.: Close friend, friend, classmate...) When people start to seperate the groups out, there tends to be more labeling, labeling friendship as the most important thing, claiming that it is a force greater than any other. Even if you don't claim those things, you will probably start to at least think that friendship is the most powerful emotion. (Studies have proven that it's love, but not in the way most people think, the chemical and other energies emitted from it are the strongest. So unless you want to start claiming the friendship and love have lot's in common...)

However, if you don't start to throw around labels and just enjoy them as people you know and like to interact with friends can be okay.
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Re: Are friends necessary?

Post by Randomosity » Fri 14th Dec 2012

Kinda. If you are depressed,having a crisis, or even suicidal, friends are the best way to help you through that. And what if your family had a major break-up? Then again, Ash Kelp's right; there can be labels: best friend, enemy, friend I broke up with etc......
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Re: Are friends necessary?

Post by Iris » Sat 15th Dec 2012

Hmm.. It depends. What do you call 'necessary'? In order to live, technically not. You just need food, sleep, oxygen and a couple of other things.
But in order to live happily? It depends on the person. Some are fine on their own, and make the choice not to make friends, but there are people who wouldn't be able to live on their own at all. Others are neutral. They're happy if they're alone, but even happier if they are with friends. I think I'm the last catagory. So it is really up to the person. For some, friends are necessary, for some not.
For me, I'm okay with being alone. But being lonely is one of the most scary things I can think of.

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