Olympic Spirit?

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Beckett Simpleton
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Olympic Spirit?

Post by Beckett Simpleton » Thu 2nd Aug 2012

I texted my dad (a lecturer of events management) saying 'Did you see the rowing and the cycling? We kicked butt!,' to which he replied; 'About time we (Great Britain) got a gold medal, 13 billion is a big spend for a collection of bronze medals.'

I thought he was being quite pessimistic, after all I felt very proud watching the opening ceremony and watching all of the countries come in with their flags. I felt proud to be part of the country that had organised and pulled off the hosting of the Olympics!

But I was wondering, was my dad being pessimistic? Was he right? Is the Olympics getting lost in this grandeur? After all, the last time it was hosted in London, it was a lot simpler, and there was still spirit, but in this one, two teams were disqualified for purposely playing badly in badminton, and there are hundreds of seats empty, despite there being no tickets left, probably booked by journalists who don't care about the opening stages.

I openly congratulated Germany on their effort in the Gymnastics, and will be cheering on Usain Bolt in the track events. I felt sorry for Spain at their unfortunate mishap with the broken chain in the cycling time trials but... That spirit, is it going? Are people now caring less about their country's pride?

What do you think?
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Re: Olympic Spirit?

Post by JLHxXxX » Thu 2nd Aug 2012

I strongly believe that country pride should not be based off of sports. Perhaps proud of the country for winning, yes. But sports being a shun-worthy thing if not proud for is slightly... I dunno.

And this pride has corrupted the Olympics in my eyes. It's about winning anymore. Not having fun, not doing what you love or even just enjoying the competition. It is soully for winning and I find that wrong. This world has become so competitive that it's nearly impossible to enjoy a sport without the pressure of winning... even if you're not in a competitive sport.

And... it is. 13 billion for bronze medals... that's... oh my. People wonder where money goes in any economy - and then they do that. Must I say more? I wish the Olympics were still a country competition for the best and to have the excitement and thrill and.. personal touch of going for your country. Now it seems to be money and pressure for pride.

Did I understand you correctly?
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Re: Olympic Spirit?

Post by bentj96 » Fri 3rd Aug 2012

^ I just have to say, angel. The Olympics wasn't about fun in the first place. First and foremost, it was part of religion.

About pride. It has corrupted the Olympics, but it is easiest and least harmless way to be prideful for your country. (I say this only because plenty of countries don't have the money to make big advances in science or help other countries. I'll talk about history/culture below. :))

A very important thing I need to say is that watching sports wouldn't be very fun if it was not a competition and the athletes weren't trying their best. That said, I agree that maybe the Olympics doesn't have to be only competition. Already, there is the celebration of the host country's history and culture. Perhaps there should be more. Maybe countries can collaborate to form teams in certain events.

There's one thing I want to add. I personally don't think that pride or pressure is the issue at the Olympics. Especially this year, there seems to be more hate and bad sportsmanship going on. A few athletes already got kicked out for racism and a few teams got kicked out for not trying hard enough. This was a Chinese team and a Korean one I think. The Chinese were trying to lose so they did not have to face the other Chinese team.

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Re: Olympic Spirit?

Post by Immortal » Wed 22nd Aug 2012

I really disliked the Olympics, because it's a large sum of money for an event that goes on for two weeks.

Yes, Canada won a lot back in Vancouver 2010.

I don't know the amount, but all I can say is that my province has a back load of at least three billion, last I checked, and chances are, it'll be there when my great-grandchildren are born.
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Re: Olympic Spirit?

Post by Skyswallow » Wed 22nd Aug 2012

I think that if people just stopped worrying about the money for a little while and just had a good time, then the Olympics would be even awesomer. And the IOC should use its money (presuming it has any *cough*creditcrunch*cough*) to help pay for stuff like the buildings, as otherwise the countries can get really big debts... But so far as I can tell, everyone was really enthusiastic about the whole thing, once it started.
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Re: Olympic Spirit?

Post by JayJay444 » Wed 22nd Aug 2012

I agree with sky. The annoying thing is, by the time the olympics is over, everyone's like, oh the olympics is over. thats it. But...... it's not. There is such thing as the paralympics! Everyone forgets about them! :(

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Re: Olympic Spirit?

Post by rem » Fri 31st Aug 2012

I personaly find the Paralympics Awesome! the Olympics are good and all but theres something more awesome about seeing people overcome adversity and prove that they are as good as other athelites and way better at what they do then the viewer (what i can admit these people are way better at there sports then i am)

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Re: Olympic Spirit?

Post by Randomosity » Sat 6th Apr 2013

The Olympics created lots of jobs for people, giving the economy a kick start. The athletes were fantastic. I watched the opening and closing ceremonies and a few other things, I'm not one for sport, and I felt proud to be British. Probably for the first time.

It's now been months, and still the Olympics are being mentioned. In the news, (David Cameron is giving money to schools for sports in light of the Olympics), the Olympic athletes are in lots of different adverts (Santander etc.), and Olympic merchandise is scattered everywhere. If there is a gap in conversation the Olympics are the icebreaker.

I now wish they would shut up about the Olympics. If I see that logo or hear one more cheesy speech about Olympic spirit I will do something drastic.
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