Age inappropriate dances....

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Age inappropriate dances....

Post by HollyShort9 » Tue 18th May 2010

I've found that a TON of people are on one side or the other--this dance is appropriate, this dance is not! for a bunch of dances for around 7 year olds.
What REALLY gets my nerves is that these are SEVEN YEAR OLDS, LOOK AT THEIR OUTFITS AND SOME OF THEIR MOVES! A bunch of their choreography and costumes are sexually based!
I mean, some of these kids are REALLY talented, but if I saw my 7 year old exploited like that I would probably throw up....

I mean, I wouldn't care if they were wearing a bikini suit or something, but they're bumping and grinding and doing other sexually provocative moves... it's just WRONG...
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Re: Age inappropriate dances....

Post by faerimagic » Tue 18th May 2010

I just don't want to watch that. Just looking at the still picture is enough to agree with you.
I think wrong to let kids do that, because they may get the idea that its ok to do this in public. If this continues, they may get detention in school, or worse, get fired from a job.

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Re: Age inappropriate dances....

Post by <3PEXnCHIPS » Tue 18th May 2010

I agree, for seven-year-olds it's not right. But are any of us going to do anything about it, or just make ourselves and those around us mad? Be my guest if you want to stand up against it, but otherwise, there isn't really too much of a point to getting so worked up over it. Trust me, there's no point in upsetting yourself.

Plus, look at the world these girls are growing up in. You can't blame /them/ so much as the rest of the world, and their parents, who I really can't say anything about. I really don't know who would let/make their kid do that kind of thing. In my dance classes, yes, we do have younger kids in hip-hop. I didn't watch the videos either, but from what you've said about them, they don't dance like that.

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Re: Age inappropriate dances....

Post by dumdiddlydum » Wed 19th May 2010

I'm not watching them, I'll take your word for it, but it's just wrong. While it isn't their fault so much, like <3PexnChips said, it sort of is. I mean, you can't force them to dance. Once their out there, it's their fault. After all, they're the ones dancing.
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Re: Age inappropriate dances....

Post by JLHxXxX » Wed 19th May 2010

Yes, but you forget our world's aconomy today. Strippers and b***hes getting younger and younger. What are we gonna do about it besides scream and complain? The children have every right if they want to to dance out there. Even if they do know nothing, which may be false, they're still having fun. And honestly, I don't like those dances, but I'm not gonna go around complaining about how aweful it is. Because nothing ever gets done.
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