(Would/Do) You Like God?

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Re: (Would/Do) You Like God?

Post by Ohansahyosheli » Sat 12th Feb 2011

To everyone here who says otherwise: God is scientifically proven. His nature and His beauty are evident all around us if you only care to look. And the Bible coincides with what scientists have found about the beginnings of the Earth much more than the theory of evolution does.
...plus, the age-old argument: what's more likely, an all-powerful Creator created us in His image to love and coexist with Him, or some random ball of energy the size of a molecule suddenly exploded and created everything? Oh, and what's more likely: God created us, or an amoeba suddenly decided, "OMG IF I THINK REALLY HARD MY KIDS WILL GROW LEGS..."
You do the math.

P5YCHIC wrote:
Visorak16 wrote:What we need to understand is that God is omnipotent, but He is also completely just. However, God is also completely merciful. If God had no mercy, then everyone would automatically die and go to hell as soon as he stepped out of line. On the other hand, if God were not just, then He would not punish evil, and evil would completely engulf the world. God knows everything that is going on in the world and He promises to work through them. Ultimately, it is because of our sin that we die, but God in His infinite mercy sent His Son to die on the cross so that we could live with Him in Heaven.
Way to totally not respond to anyone, again. If God is omnipotent AND completely just, then why do innocent children get cancer? Why are their serial killers and child rapists?
Seems to me like you didn't read the last part of what he said. I quote, 'Ultimately, it is because of our sin that we die'. We all sin because Adam and Eve gave in to temptation at the world's beginning, and so allowed evil into the world and into our hearts. We all sin because we're not God--we're not all-perfect beings. None are equal with our creator; thus, none are perfect; thus, we make mistakes. I know mistake is an understatement when you're talking about serial killers and child rapists, and especially cancer, but if you read the Bible, you would see that there was no sickness, no disease, no sin and no death before the snake tempted Eve. In short, God told us not to do something, and because we are corruptible, imperfect beings, we allowed evil to tempt us into disobeying Him. However, we can redeem ourselves--He offers us a chance to coincide with His perfect plan for our wellbeing. He offers us redemption and a chance to change, redeem ourselves from our imperfect, evil ways, and join Him in heaven. We are, of course, not His puppets--he offers us a choice. We can either follow the perfect path that he sets before us and risk being mocked for our ways, or we can take the easy way out, but suffer for it in the end.
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Re: (Would/Do) You Like God?

Post by Skyswallow » Mon 4th Jun 2012

I don't like the bible version of God as in the Old Testament/Torah/Koran he keeps killing people who disagree with him (e.g. Noah's Ark -- He could have just changed their mindsets if He is all powerful, and let them start again; but instead he killed nearly all the human race and many innocent creatures as well)
As someone or other said (very roughly, I can't remember the exact thing): 'God is either not all loving or not all powerful. If He was all loving, He wouldn't kill all these people. If He was all powerful, He could stop the evil in the world.' And if God was all-knowing, He would be able to understand that we aren't perfect because we are not Him and as He created us, He should take responsibility for us.
Something I saw on a meme (again, roughly): 'Satan punishes the bad guys, God kills anyone who crosses him the wrong way. Who's the good guy?' God hasn't shown Himself for millennia, or at least not properly. All we have to guide us if we are religious is a book that could have changed with time, or even be made up (sorry if this is insulting). We need to be shown how to behave -- humans need role models. And God is not providing one. Again, sorry if this is too offensive.

BTW, the Big Bang was way, way smaller than a molecule and it wasn't made of energy, it made energy (and matter). And life probably started as a load of chemical reactions that managed to become simple organisms by going together right. Think about it. The universe is huge, with many billions of gallaxies and trillions of stars. Sometime, somewhere, there had to be the right combos to make life, and it happens to be here!
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Re: (Would/Do) You Like God?

Post by world is quiet here » Wed 24th Oct 2012

Alanna wrote:I know, but the very idea that God is male, not an unknown gender, get's on my nerves above all.
actually, they refer God as a 'he' or a 'him' but, that is because they didn't want to write God all the time.

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Re: (Would/Do) You Like God?

Post by Lavaeolus » Sat 2nd Feb 2013

I have differing opinions on the differing variations of God. My general opinion of my god is pretty blank, but that is because I find him non-existent. For this debate, I shall pick three slightly exaggerated views on gods and consider my opinions:

1) Let's start with the god who starts an armegeddon and then refuses to save people who, when he offered no certain proof, didn't believe in him. Offered no reason why blind faith should point to him instead of other religions, either. Worst of all, did he say that, if I heard right, morality was whatever he thought was right at any given moment?* And blind worship also? Not only a sociopath, but also one of those who does unholyness with their hand.

2) Now, the absentee god! This one knows that, if free will is involved, he cannot stop evil! No, he must let the murderers walk through. This means that some will get sacrificed, yes. But, if he did interfere... what would happen? Controlling everyone. Making sure everyone is happy. Will we just become lambs? This god, I can get behind. This god, right here, seems like a nice enough chap. I mean, I disagree with some of his choices, but man I can respect him bro.

3) To finish off, the bickering order of gods. Similar to the Greek ones. Those gods that are always bickering amongst themselves and playing mortals as chess pieces. They're a bunch of jerks, but what can you do? Smile, nod, put your head down, and try to walk past without getting noticed. B*****ds.

There are some other gods, I hear. If you wish to hear my opinions of them, you only have to ask.

*I can understand viewing God as a manifestation of your given morality. If this cause-and-effect is reversed, morality becomes meaningless service-to-authority.

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