Tattoo's and piercings

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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by Shadow Light » Tue 23rd Nov 2010

Beckett Simpleton wrote: I just don't like the fact about having something on my bady that I can never take off.

Just to kinda clear the air, though... You can have tattoo removals. :p they just cost a heck lot. x)
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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by hitsugayatoushiro » Wed 24th Nov 2010

To be honest I have no probs with piercings or tattoos. My religion prohibits tattoos and I'm fine with that, tho if I was allowed one I'd get a siberian tiger on my back that stretches upwards to my shoulder *shrugs*. I don't find it fair when people judge others because of their multiple tattoos tho because of the stereotypes I have to ditto, if your looking for an office job don't get tattoos up your face and along your arms.

Piercings....My cousin had about nine piercings and she's amazing. She's a nurse and her kids are the most innocent quietst things ever. They dnt touch anything without permission, their manners are pefect and they dnt talk unless u talk to them.
I myself have three earpiercings and will probably get my nose pierced sooner or later....does that make me bad? I dnt think so. Does my cuz's piercings make her a bad person, a bad nurse or maybe even a bad mother? I dnt think so either. It's not a persons outwardly appearence that should define them but their actions and personality...shame it doesn't work like that.
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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by cookieninja » Tue 30th Nov 2010

I've had piercings. Two on my ears, one on my nose. I want to get a monerose, eyebrown, and belly button and I'm getting an industrial. So yes, I don't care about piercings.
I want a tattoo. I want a balloon on my calf and chinese lettering on my wrist xD So no, I have no problems with tattoos!
People should be able to mark their body if they want to. They just SHOULD be aware of the consequences if any. They should know whether or not they want to mark their body for the rest of their life.
Like my mom. She doesn't want me to get an eyebrow because it scars, so she won't pay or sign for it. She won't even sign if I pay. So, I'm getting my friend to do it, IF she succeeds with her lip piercing. It's my body, and I should be able to if I pay for it.
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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by Artemis Lore » Wed 2nd Mar 2011

Its your body, so do with it what you want. If you don't like the way they look, don't get them, if your against them for faith reasons, don't get them. Although concerning the later when I used to go to church the youth leader guy had earrings, and at a religious camp I once went to one of the leaders had a bunch of symbolic tattoos all over his arms. Many have deep meanings and all are a form of art. Such as my friend who got the chinese symbol for blood tattooed on her bikini line because her mom has leukemia.

I have three piercings in my right ear, two in my left, and a belly button, so I don't have anything against them. As for the age limit, I don't really think its important all of the time as if you think it through in the end its up to you.(hey that rhymed xD) Again, its your body, and your only one, so make sure you're going to stick with your decision before you change it. :)
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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by Querenel » Mon 14th Jan 2013

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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by xx-Jelly-Fox-xx » Tue 15th Jan 2013

I don't want a tattoo, but maybe some spider-bite piercings...
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