Tattoo's and piercings

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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by Meova » Sat 5th Sep 2009

Isn't the most important part do what you want to do? I'm happy with the few rules Wicca has, and I follow them and even then I'm allowed to get piercings and tattoos.
Piercings and tattoos are very personal things, you choose for them yourself and if you would want to, you can even choose something which shows people that you are religious. Isn't that good, then? You'd spread the word of Jesus (in your case).
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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by /b/ » Sat 5th Sep 2009

HollyShort9 wrote:I asked my mom, she said anything that cuts your flesh or leaves a mark that you do willingly OR to yourself falls under that category. Therefore, piercings, cutting yourself, and tattoos all fall under that category.

Do tell me. Does your mother wear earings? How about when you're sick, really, do you take shots? Or have you ever in your life taken a vaccine? Only if the answer is no to all of this, your mother kept her word always and has my full respect, in any other case, that logic is faulty because earings, shots and vaccines pierce your skin, willingly.
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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by Bang Your Drum » Mon 21st Sep 2009

I started this thread as this silly thing just talking about that tattoos I wanted to get. . .I never thought it would be like this. . .
It's sort of late for me to enter in on the discussion though plus I don't want to hurt anyone feelings with my views on God and stuff like that.
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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by Visorak16 » Mon 21st Sep 2009

In defense of HS9, I'm pretty sure she is talking about decorative cuts. That is the contex of the verse, and what we are talking about in this thread.
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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by HollyShort9 » Thu 24th Sep 2009

Yes, I do mean decorative cuts.
And no, /b/, my mom doesn't wear earrings.
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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by Sofie » Sat 20th Feb 2010

Can't believe I forgot to tell you guys! Suppose it goes under this topic: I got my first tattoo last month, second of January :D

Yeah, not really a debating post, but still.

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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by KierisaNOT12 » Sat 20th Feb 2010

^OOOOOH, whats it of!?!? *Sparkling eyes of interest* I bet it hurt, I knew these people who had tattoos (awesome people) and I'm like "did it hurt much?" and they were all "I'm not gonna lie.. it hurt like h*ll" xD

[not really a debating post either, buuut..]

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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by Wednesday » Thu 15th Apr 2010

Tattoos and piercings should be given a second and third thought. Some people get old and grow out of them.
I'm thinking i want my ears pierced maybe nose. And a tattoo of the punisher skull.
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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by Silversong » Fri 30th Jul 2010

Well, I'm not against piercing and tattoos. But I defiantly think you shouldn't rush into things. You could get a bad tattoo that you'll hate when you grow up, and tattoo removing sounds painful. And there are plenty of people who will pierce your body, but not all of them could get sterile, and you don't want to harm your body by getting it sick.
One of my friends had her nose pierced, but she didn't take care of it, so it got rotten, and all purple. Eww!
But... I don't think moms should get their babies ears pierced. It's a big step in being a girl, it's basically saying "My parents trust me enough to take care of something big".

(I got my ears pierced recently, and I loove having them pierced!)
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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by wingedwolf » Sun 1st Aug 2010

I agree with Silversong, think this through, pircings could lead to infection if you don't take care of it. And as for tattoos I'm against them, in the old days tattoos could've been considered as evidence of your 'manliness' or' toughness' (sorry if either of the two are spelled wrong) but these days they are just labels that consider you as a delinquent. But if you really want to do it who am I to stop you?
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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by captain-trouble » Wed 11th Aug 2010

I'm for both, especially piercings, because regardless of whatever gaping holes they leave, you can take them out. I have an industrial piercing. I wanted it for 4 years before I got it and did a lot of research, and I have never had so much as a hint of regret. I think the age limit on tattoos is absolutely necessary. People under 18 are rarely mature enough to decide what they want to mark their body with for the rest of their lives (no offence intended). Tattoos are art, and it irritates me beyond belief when I see people with a) bad/cheap tattoos, b) tattoos that have no meaning and were just picked from a wall, and c) impulsive tattoos.
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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by Ann » Wed 3rd Nov 2010

I think the age limit on tattoos is absolutely necessary. People under 18 are rarely mature enough to decide what they want to mark their body with for the rest of their lives (no offence intended).
I totally agree with you there. Tattoos should be given much, much thought on before they are gotten because of the fact that they're so permanent and tremendously painful to put on and take off. Not to mention the fact that some people really judge you badly for them.

I have no real problem with peirceings. It is customary in my country for all females to get their ears peirced when they are babies because (so they say) the child never feels it and it looks good on them. I have my ears peirced.

Overall, it should be a personal decision because it's being done to your body, not anyone's else.
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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by CaptainShort » Fri 12th Nov 2010

My opinion on tattoos and piercings has changed throughout reading these seven pages. Tattoos are not my thing, and neither are piercings. However, a small meaningful tattoo or so can be nice. And maybe a piercing. But it looks awful when you have a lot, especially when they show. And it is most definitely a good thing they have an age limit, because you want to be mature enough to know what you want and not regret it. But you have to understand that you may regret it if you don't think it over:
a) When you are older, they can sag.
b) They hurt to get put on!
c) They REALLY hurt to get removed!
d) You may not like it later.
e) You may be judged.
f) You might be going against you religion in some cases.
g) If you go to a shady tattoo parlour you could get diseases!

Also, I have my ears pierced. I know it shouldn't be different than a piercing, but to me it is. Everyone I know has their ears pierced and I am a Christian...

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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by Shadow Light » Sat 20th Nov 2010

Who are you to say that tattoos label a person as a delinquent? Is a father getting tattoos of their children delinquents? Is a priest bearing the image of Our Lady mortifying his body? Is this father not reflecting the love for his children? Is this priest not reflecting the love for his God?

There are in fact priests with tattoos, it is simply advisable not to go overboard and have shirt sleeve tattoos just to shout to the world 'HEY I'M CHRISTIAN'. They hurt, do they not? Would a person with no faith in the God go through all that pain just to have an image of Him on his body? Is this really mortifying your body?

God has given us a body, he wants us to cherish it, but he also gives us the freedom of choice. We are not inflicting damage upon it, we are merely 'beautifying' it, if that is our perception of tattoos. I guess it all boils down to your own perception. You can do it in the love of God, in the love of your Family, your loved ones; or, like everyone on here has been saying, for the sake of a gang, with bad intentions.

I do see tattoos as works of art, because that's what they are. :] is it a crime to get art on your arm?

On a side note about the whole perception of society on tattoos: I'm really against that. But there's no stopping people, eh? So I guess, like everyone says, if you're planning on getting an office job or somewhere along the lines of that field, then you shouldn't get anything that can be seen. i.e. you shouldn't get it on your forearm, get it on your back or whatnot.

Okay, let's be honest here, I am interested in getting a tattoo, and I'm totally cool with a person with any number of tattoos or piercings on his/her body. It does not reflect his/her person.

My sister wants flames around her navel, she's crazy. :p She won't be on fire in 30 years, would she? xD at least that's what I tell her. She says that her husband's the only one who's ever gonna see it then anyways, and he wouldn't mind if he really loved her, and I totally agree with that. :3

I'm not sure what kind of tattoo I want yet, really. But I'm interested in it.

as for piercings, well, both my sisters have piercings, and they've had it ever since they were young, and I know that the older generation around here have something against piercing for males, but I'm totally fine with it, I guess. I would get a lot, maybe an eyebrow piercing. ;)

just... maybe. :p
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Re: Tattoo's and piercings

Post by Beckett Simpleton » Sat 20th Nov 2010

The only thing I have about tattos is that they have a bad rep and when someone sees someone nice with a huge tatto down their arm, they think thug. (I live in England if that makes a difference)

My step dad has four tattos and the art on them is amazing, i think the artwork itself is so good, I just don't like the fact about having something on my bady that I can never take off.

PLus I'm a whimp :)

I don't think I will ever get a tatto. ;)
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