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Debates of a more controversial nature, and discussions on the latest world events. Give your opinions, but no flaming!
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Debate Forum Rules

Post by MichaelM » Sat 30th Dec 2006

Two simple things that you all know already, but I want to remind you of here:

1 - Everyone has their own opinions. Before you step into a debate, you need to realise this. People are going to disagree with you, and will probably never agree. But more importantly, everyone has a right to their own opinions.

2 - You attack the idea, not the person. If you ever stoop to personal insults in here, you will be banned from the debate forum. And secondly, what is said in here, stays in here. No jabs etc. about debates will be accepted elsewhere on the forum.

3 - You must back up all of your arguments logically. P5YCHIC has a good metaphor for this. Say God is a math teacher, and he says '2+2=4'. Then, he shows it to us by taking two pencils, then two more, and showing us that they really are four pencils when put together.

Show us the pencils when you're debating. It'll make debating easier and much more fun.

(Original post by Meova about this rule is here)

Debate forums are prone to controversy, and heated discussions. Debates will be closed if they get out of hand. Please remember that. We don't want to offend anyone here. :)

Any complaints, PM me. ^_^