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Post by MichaelM » Sun 24th Dec 2006

We've seen some pretty crazy, and pretty clever, names on FanGathering. All far more creative that simply using your actual name as your user name.


So whose name is your favourite? Which name do you look at, and think "Why didn't I think of that?"

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Post by petitebrunette » Sun 24th Dec 2006

well at the top of my list is "D'arvit"
i say that name and was like oh my gosh i just love it! the word has always caught my attention and i just love saying it..when i saw it i was like"why didnt i think of that" =)
but there are other good ones out there

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Post by oangelic_englishiano » Mon 25th Dec 2006

I like lufgif's name. I think it's cool how he said he got it. I think he said that you take a 26 sided die, pick how many letters you want in the name, and then keep rolling until you get a word that you can pronounce.

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Post by michelle_f33 » Mon 25th Dec 2006

I think I agree with petitebrunette, D'arvit is one of the cooler usernames...i wish I had thought of it <_<

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Post by Minerva_Paradizo » Mon 25th Dec 2006

i like Minerva Fowl cuz it made me laugh i don't no why :( but its sooooooo cool!

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Post by Sofie » Mon 25th Dec 2006

Well, I like the name _i_dont_get_it. I think it is an ingenious choice of name.

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Post by MaeveCrowArtemis1 » Mon 25th Dec 2006

D'arvit is coo,i_don't_get_it too bu my fav is BlackOpal.Maybe for you it is normal but I like it cuz it's glamurous. ^_^
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Post by MMK » Mon 25th Dec 2006

I like BlackOpal too-

Not only is it reminiscent of Opal Koboi, a black opal is one of the most beautiful, and therefore valuable, opals there is. So it's intelligent, yet simple. And it's just elegant.

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Post by BlackOpal » Tue 26th Dec 2006

I got nominated (faints). I'll vote for D'arvit, 'cause it's classic and crude, and original all in one. A packaged deal!
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Post by darvit » Tue 26th Dec 2006

Wow, thanks... XD

But I have to go for <a href='' target='_blank'>Gravitational Singularity</a>, though.
His username definitely caught my eye.. I think it just sounds like an uber-cool name for a rock band.
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Post by F.A.B » Wed 27th Dec 2006

I'd say darvit. Sooo funny! :focl: And I think it's a wonder nobody thought of it before. It's a truly original name.
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Post by MichaelM » Wed 27th Dec 2006

I vote for "RoundDownFromtheClownFrown"

It made absolutely no sense to me, but Ive never been able to forget it XD

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Post by ElisabethHall » Wed 27th Dec 2006

Oh, this is hard.

RoundDownFromtheClownFrown also sounds like a band name, really.

darvit is like, so COOL! I saw it in my intro thread and it was so ... cool. ^_^

Is a double vote possible? No? Ok. RDFTCF then.

F.A.B., haven't seen you around for ages! Hi!! :lol:
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Post by LEP Officer Bud Sparx » Fri 29th Dec 2006

i like D'arvit. i just laughed when i read it coz of what it means in the book. heehee. it must have made them smile when they thought of it.
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Post by KatiePixie » Fri 29th Dec 2006

darvit for sure.
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