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Post by Minerva_Paradizo » Sat 6th Jan 2007

MichaelM wrote:
Minerva_Paradizo wrote:
MichaelM wrote: M_P - I considered that, but given the size of the forum (Definitely growing, but still small-ish), I thought that the winners might be pretty much decided in the nomination stage. People would post their support for a nominee etc. It could be obvious who was going to win each thread, before voting even began? :unsure:

The way we did it, things kept changing, because people weren't restricted to just one set of nominees, and they hadn't had a week to read people saying why x should win. :)

MMnm - Id love to hear the idea, and it would probably be best if it was done here. I have to delete my PMs pretty regularly, but this thread will still be here in a year. ^_^

but hey u fogot to tell me if i got the 60 posts or just the 30 :(

60 of course. I'm not that stingy. :P

MMnm - I like the idea of the points system, but not the PM voting. There's no fun if everything is sent in anonymously. People can't give reasons, talk about their results etc. :(

The point system sounds good though, and even the nominations could be interesting.

But it won't be until this time next year that we do this again, so I guess we can consider those things then. XD

yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Post by sorana » Sun 7th Jan 2007

I've got an idea for another award:the best member title :)
no sence at all.