Dogs, Cars, and Guitars

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Dogs, Cars, and Guitars

Post by artymon I\/ » Mon 19th Nov 2018

I'd been thinking of a John Denver song and this sort of blurted out. If I'm so inclined, maybe I'll chord it and upload a horrendous video singing it.

If I so desire to torture the masses :twisted:

Anyhow, enjoy :)

Dogs and guitars,
Riding in cars
On a summer’s breeze,
With the greatest ease

These have been some of my best friends,
Stayed with me all the way till the end
Brought me up, helped me off the ground
Always kept my spirits up, to have ‘em around
Oh yes, these have been my best friends
Kept me on the mend
When no one else could
When no one else would

Slash, that furry beast, with mud brown eyes
Conned me the least, told me no lies
He lays, happy to have a hand
Scratch his head and feed him grand
Bit me once or twice, but I had it coming
We can’t all be nice, ain’t that something

This old guitar, like John Denver’s
Taught me a thing or two about rivers
Melodies that melted my dreary surroundings
Flowed through my heart’s poundings
Helped me host my one man band
In my room, or at the beach land

Riding in my ninety-one Firebird,
Hearing those old tunes blast,
It was a time machine to the past
In a way, more than that of word,
She was my first love, maybe my truest
Took me where I needed to go, soonest
Despite us both being past our prime
Only let me down a few times
On snowy banks and sunny parking lots
We took care of each other, cold and hot

After all, isn’t that all you can ask for
In a friend or foe, less and more
To know there’s someone or something
Who’ll be there to pick you up
Keep you from becoming corrupt
Or getting caught in a ring
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